Orange Crush Soda Machine

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Orange Crush Soda Machine
Motto: ads_clcake
Release date: July 2009 (
Rare Values
Category: Super Rares

The Orange Crush Soda Machine is a Super Rare that was released one year after the Cherry Crush Soda Machine, but in a completely different hotel. Only 1000 Orange Crush Soda Machines have been released and all of them were released on as part of a "Crush" campaign (similar to the one that occured on Habbo USA in August 2008). A Public Room was also created for this campaign, the campaign was advertised on billboards in-client and various Home Page backgrounds were released.

To be in with a chance of gaining the Orange Crush Soda Machine, users had to fill in a form (consisting of two multiple choice questions and two opinionated questions) located on a Habbo news article.


The Orange Crush Soda Machine has only been spotted (and released) on one hotel:

  • - 1000 given out during a "Crush" soda campaign in July 2009.

Public Room