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Pets Equipment
Release date: 2000
Available from: Catalogue
“You'll need to take care of your pet to keep it happy and healthy. This section of the Catalogue has EVERYTHING you'll need to satisfy your pet's needs.”

Pet Accessories are there to keep your pets healthy and happy. They give your pet comfort and also help to give your pet the energy to do tricks and respond to commands. Accessories vary from food, to beds and even food for yours pets. All of which can be bought in the catalogue in-game under the Pets and Accessories subcategory, or Pet Food subcategory if you are looking to buy food, under the Pet Shop category. Prices in the catelogue range from 1-4 Credits and 15-150 Duckets depending on which item you are wanting to buy.

Pet Equipment is only available in the catalogue and not in Builders Club


Your pet always deserves a good sleep in a comfortable bed. In the Pet Accessories section of the Shop, you can buy beds/nests for your Habbo pet. Each pet has their form of bed to sleep in. Current beds include:

Name Image
Regular Nest Pet nest.gif
Terrarium Nest terrarium.png
Turtle Tree Nest turtle.png
Dragon Treasure Nest Nest dragon.png
Chicken Nest Nest chick.png
Frog Nest Nest frog.png
Low and High Lions nest Nest lion2.png Nest lion.png
Ice Nest Nest ice.png
Dirt Nest Nest dirt.png
Snug Nest (red, blue, yellow, green, purple and dark) Nest snug red.png Nest snug blu.png Nest snug yel.png Nest snug grn.png Nest snug prp.png Nest snug bla.png
Pterodactyl Nest Nest pterosaur.png
Raptor Nest Nest raptor.png
Manic Bunny Nest Nest bunny love.png
Lush Bunny Nest Nest bunny.png
Bored Bunny Nest Nest bunny dep.png
Leprechaun Nest Nest leprechaun.png
Gnome Nest Nest gnome.png
Regular Nest (orange, red, brown and blue) Nest plow reg.png Nest plow red.png Nest plow bro.png Nest plow blu.png
Rhino Nest Nest rhino.png
Skull Pillow Nest Pet pillow skull.gif
Stone Nest Nest nest.png
Nest Of Nails Nest nails.png
Basket Nest Basket Nest.png
Luxury Bed Nest bed.png
Cardboard Cot Nest box.png
Patchwork Pillow Nest pig.png
Blue Pet Basket Pet basket blue.png
Pink Pet Basket Pet basket pink.png
Blue Pet Blanket Pet blanket blue.png
Pink Pet Blanket Pet blanket pink.png

Pet Toys

Pet toys are a great piece of furni for your Habbo pet. Toys make your pets happy so they will be more likely to respond to commands. Pet toys can also bring a good look to your room if you decide to create a pet home. Pet toys range from 1-5 credits. As stated previously, not all the toys suit just one pet so make sure you get the right toys for your pet to enjoy! Current toys include:

Name Image
Trampoline Pet toy trampoline.png
Burnt Tree Ashtree.png
Monkey Pond Lm pond.png
The Fly Petfood19.png
Pet Ball Pet toy ball.png
Baby Waterbottle Pet waterbottle.png
Pond Pond.png
Rubber Ball Pet toy 1.gif Pet toy 2.gif Pet toy 3.gif Pet toy 4.gif Pet toy 5.gif
Spinning Top Toy2.png
Spinning Top Pet ufo toy.gif
Funky Chicken Pet puppy toy.png
Red Yarn Ball Yarn.png

Pet Food

Note: as of 2022 all pet food has been removed from the catalogue!

Pet food is what keeps your pet's energy high so they are able to interact with you and respond to commands. Pet food comes in a variety of foods, ranging from chickens to chocolate. There are different amounts of energy in each piece of food. The energy ranges from low to high. If you get a high energy piece of food, your energy bar will go up faster when your pet eats the piece of food. You can also buy food in "bulk" for a cheaper price. A list of current food you are able to buy are:

Name Image
Kale Petfood31.png
Doggy Bones Petfood1.png
Sardines Petfood2.png
Cabbage Petfood3.png
T-Bones Petfood4.png
Green Apples Petfood5.png
Red Apples Petfood6.png
Ice Apples Petfood7.png
Chicken Petfood8.png
Holiday Cake Petfood10.png
Meat Bone Petfood30.png
Pile Of Letters Petfood11.png
Chocolate Gazelle Petfood14.png
Popsicles Petfood16.png
Grapes Petfood17.png
Webbed Grapes Petfood18 small.png
Leaves Petfood 19.png
Red Pepper Petfood22.png
Yellow Chili Furni.png
Shrimps Fgfgrf.png
Banana Banana.png
Hay Bucket Petfood26.png
Grass Duck Petfood27.png
Carrot Petfood28.png
Choco-Bunny Petfood29.png
Corn Pet food corn.png
Chocolate Mouse Goodie2.png
Marzipan Man (blue, pink and brown) Goodie1-1.png Goodie1.png Goodie1-2.png
TV Remote Petfood13.png
Books Petfood12.png
Water Bowl (blue, brown, green, red, yellow) Pet drink blue.gif Pet drink brown.gif Pet drink green.gif Pet drink red.gif Pet drink yellow.gif
Salmon Petfood9.png
Milk Bowl Milkbowl.png
Pile Of Letters Petfood11.png
Hay Bale Horse hay.png
Frozen Apples Frozenapples.gif
Grail of Nectar Grail nectar.gif
Grail of Water Grail water.gif
Horse Trough Horse trough.png

Lost Monkey

After the discontinuation of the Lost Monkey app, monkeys were released as a permanent pet that can be bought through the Catalogue, and players are able to purchase the Lost Monkey furniture that had been rewarded from the app.


Name Image
Banana Tree Lm palmtree2.png
Big Rock Lm bigrock.png
Monkey Pond Lm pond.png
Banana Drink Machine Smoothie.png
Palm Tree Lm palmtree1.png
Crystal Skull Skull.png
Jack In The Box Lm jackbox.png
Pumpkin Pumpkin.png
Totem Poll Lm totem.png
Bananas Bananas.png


Since the introduction of horses in October 2011 a variety of new items were introduced.


Name Image
Horse Saddle Horse saddle1.png
Saddle Stand Horse saddle2.png


Body Dyes

Name Image
Dye Dye1.png
Loyal Beige Loyal Beige.png
Acorn Brown Acorn Brown.png
Chestnut Chestnut2.png
Ghostly Grey Ghostly Grey.png
Autumn Brown Autumn Brown.png
Bubblegum Pink Bubblegum Pink.png
Sky Blue Sky Blue.png
Eggshell White Eggshell White.png
Demon Black Demon Black.png
Pearly White Pearly White.png
Marine Green Marine Green.png
Ochre Ochre.png
Twilight Blue Twilight Blue.png
Pale Pink Pale Pink.png

Hair Dyes

Name Image
Dye Dye2.png
Dye Dye3.png
Dye Dye4.png
Dye Dye5.png
Dye Dye6.png
Sand Sand.png
Chestnut Chestnut.png
Russet Russet.png
Brandy Brandy.png
Rose Rose.png
Pearl Pearl.png
Elm Elm.png
Moccasin Moccasin.png
Ash Ash.png
Whiskey Whiskey.png
Applewood Applewood.png

Hair Styles

Hairstyles Image
Unicorn Unicorn.png
Traditional Traditional.png
Free FreeHorse.png
Plaited Plaited.png
Wild Wild.png
Braids Braids.png
Pegasus Wings (No longer in shop) Pegasus.png
Reindeer Antlers (No longer in shop) ReindeerHorse.png

Racing Track Pieces

Name Image
Stable Hopper Hopper Stable.png
Blue Racing Flag Horse fin flag.png
Red Racing Flag Horse fin flag2.png
Horse Track Patch Horse track1.png
Horse Track Gate Horse track gate.png
Fences Horse track fence.png
Corner Fences Horse track fence cor.png
Blue Finish Line Horse fin poster.png
Red Finish Line Horse fin poster2.png
Stylish Racing Flag (No longer in shop, only released under Hot Furni in April 2020) Horse fin flag3.png
Stylish Finish Line (No longer in shop, only released under Hot Furni in April 2020) Horse fin poster3.png

Horse Jumps

Name Image
Horse Jump Obstacle oxer.png
Horse Jump 2 Obstacle oxer2.png
Water Jump Obstacle water.png
Water Jump 2 Obstacle water2.png
Hedges Obstacle hedges.png
Ring of Fire Obstacle fring.png
Stylish Horse Jump (No longer in shop, only released under Hot Furni in April 2020) Obstacle oxer3.png
Stylish Water Jump (No longer in shop, only released under Hot Furni in April 2020) Obstacle water3.png

Stable Furniture

Name Image
Paddock Gate Horse stable gate.png
White Paddock Gate Horse stable gate w.png
Paddock Fence Horse stable fence.png
White Paddock Fence Horse stable fence w.png
Paddock Corner Horse stbl fnc corner.png
White Paddock Corner Horse stbl fnc corner w.png
Hay Floor Horse hayfloor.png
Sawdust Floor Horse sawdustfloor.png
Traditional Stable Wall Horse stable wall.png
White Stable Wall Horse stable wall w.png
Manure Horse manure.png
Unicorn Manure Horse poop luxus.png
Horseshoe Horse shoe wall.png
Pitchfork Horse pitchfork wall.png