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Release date: August 2010
Species: 7
Catalogue price: 20c

Rhinos were introduced to the hotel in August, 2010. Habbos can currently purchase Rhinos at the price of 20 credits. Just like any other pet, Habbos are able to purchase Rhinos using the Catalogue under the Pet Shop section. Pet food and accessories can also be found in this section. All Rhinos are able to be trained by their owners and, by doing so, they level up, resulting in the owner completing achievements. A list of achievements can be found on our Pets (Achievements) page. Upon buying a Rhino, you are able to choose a colour and a name for your pet. However, once the pet has been paid for, you are unable to change these settings. When it was released, users who purchased the pet within 7 days of release received a badge as a reward of purchasing.

Available Species

Like most other pets, there are multiple different Species to chose from when you decide to purchase your Rhino. There are currently 7 available species, which are listed below:

  • Gray Rhino
  • Black Rhino
  • Brown Rhino
  • Ionesco Rhino
  • White Rhino
  • Party Rhino
  • Banana Rhino


Like with any other Pet, you automatically receive a Starter food pack in addition to your pet. You're able to buy more food for the Rhino but this is a choice. A few "must-haves" for your Rhino would be a water bowl and a resting area for your pet to sleep. These can be found in the Pet Accessories section of the catalogue. These items are usually very inexpensive and prices can range from 1-5 credits each.

Rhino Badges

Badge Image Reason Short Description
Rhino Badge.gif For buying a rhino within 7 days of its release. This badge was given in addition to the pet, to users who purchased a rhino before 2nd September 2010.


  • During the Valentine's 2012 campaign two exclusively pets were released in pink, these where the Rhino and the Lion[1]


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