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Release date: 2000
Available from: Catalogue
“Fluff, scales and whiskers, meows, snaps and woofs! Anyone can have a pet on Habbo! Select your new pet from our ever changing selection, just click to page two then click back to see more pets!”

Pets are highly interactive animals that can be bought by a player in the hotel. They were first introduced back in 2002, but the only pets available were dogs and cats until 2007 when Crocodiles were introduced. They didn't come with many features; they reacted to specific chat commands and ran to the owner whenever they entered the room. Players are now able to interact with all pets, whether it's scratching them or training them. They vary in price and cannot be traded or recycled in the Ecotron. Over time, more and more pets have been released, from Dragon, Frog and Spider right through to the slightly less plausible Pet Leprechaun.

Before any pet is bought, the player is given the option of changing its name and colour. There is a wide range of colours for every pet, but they cannot be changed after the pet has been bought - unless it is a horse, which can be dyed. Each pet comes with 'Starter Food,' but as Starter Food is low in energy, many players choose to buy other accessories to keep their pets happy, including a water bowl, food, bed and toys. Each pet has different accessories, and they can cost anything from 1 to 6 credits, with food available in bulk packets and pixel substitutes. Pets do not die without food or water but will be unable to train until they have replenished their energy supply.

Released Pets and Cost

Pet Image Species Price
Bear 4 20c
Bunnies 4
  • 10c (White Rabbit)
  • 25c (Bored Bunny)
  • 66c (Bad Bunny)
  • 5c (Manic Pixie Bunny)
Cat 25
Chick 3
  • 20c (Chick)
  • 5c (Cunning Pigeon)
  • 5c (Wise Pigeon)
Croc 12 20c
Dog 20 20c
Dragon 7
  • 25c (Emerald Earth Dragon)
  • 25 (Bronze Cave Dragon)
  • 25 (Twilight Hunter Dragon)
  • 25 (Midnight Glider Dragon)
  • 25 (Crystal Cove Dragon)
  • 50c (Ambrosia Dragon)
  • 50c (Golden Dragon)
Frog 13 15c
Horse 20 20c
Lion 7 20c
Monkey 14 20c
Monster Plants -
  • 10c (Common)
  • 160c (Rare)
Pig 7 20c
Rhino 7 20c
Rock - -
Spider 4 15c
Terrier 7 20c
Turtle 9 15c
Gnome 9 20c
Leprechaun 1 50c
Obbah Wobbah 10
  • 25c (Obbah Wobbah)
  • 50c (Rare Obbah Wobbah)
Pterodactyl 10 25c
Velociraptor 20 25c


The ability to scratch pets was introduced in late 2009. It works in the same way as giving Habbos 'respects', but for pets. You are given three scratches a day to use on any pet you wish, whether it's your own or your friend's, but you don't have to use them if you choose not to. However, if you choose not to use them you will not be allowed to keep them for another day, you will still only be given three scratches to use the following day.

Scratching pets will give them experience points, which helps them level up (see below). Each scratch is worth +10 experience each and your account must be active for at least 14 days before you are awarded the ability to use the feature. Players are awarded Achievements when their pets have been scratched a certain number of times. The more times they are scratched, the more Achievements you will unlock.


Along with the ability to scratch pets, the new features introduced in December 2009 included the ability to train pets. Training your pets will give them experience points, resulting in them progressing through levels by leveling up each time they reach a certain number of experience. Players are awarded Achievements for leveling up their pets and experience can be earned through scratching, feeding, and training. To train your pet, you will need to click on it, and it will give you the option to teach them. Before this update, saying basic commands such as "sit," "play" or "lay" would work and they would obey you. However, this new update brought along a handful of new tricks that they can be taught. The higher their level is, the more tricks they will learn. Pets will obey commands if given food, toy(s), and water, but if they are hungry then they will simply ignore your commands until their requirements are met.

Pet Achievements

Pets are another category of achievements. In total there are 12 different achievements which are currently available to unlock, all of the varying difficulties. Some can be as simple as scratching another Habbo's pet, while others require you to plunder credits into your pet's mouth to fill its energy. For a full list of achievements relating to pets, visit our Pet Achievements page.


Since May 2015, there have been five permanent Room Bundles available in the Shop that allows Habbos to buy a pet and small room for it. The bundles were released in 2015 and were updated in May 2018 and May 2019.



Old Pet Commands

Before the training update, the following commands would work on pets, but only some of these still work as they were replaced with new tricks when the new update was introduced.

Commands that both the owner and their friends could use:

  • Sit: Makes the pet sit down
  • Lie down: Gets the pet to lie down
  • Jump: Makes the pet jump
  • Speak: Gets the pet to bark/meow etc.
  • Good: Boosts pet's ego and makes them happy

Commands only the Owner can use:

  • Heel: Gets your pet to follow you
  • Come here: Makes your pet come to you
  • Beg: The pet will beg for a reward from you
  • Go away: Your pet will move away from you
  • Bad: Tells your pet off
  • Sleep: Makes your pet go back to its basket for a nap
  • Play dead: Your pet will roll onto its back and 'play dead' for a few moments
  • Play football: Your pet will play with the football in the room (if you have one.)

Pet Holiday

In the new Habbo 2020 client it is possible to get rid of your pet completely at the cost of 5 Credits. Once you send your pet "on holiday" it will not be counted as your pet anymore, nor be available to you. Once you have complete this action, it cannot be undone.