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Release date: February 2011
Species: 15
Catalogue price: 15 Credits

Frogs were introduced to Habbo on 24th February 2011 and are still available in the catalogue for 30 Credits each, making them the most expensive permanent Habbo pet. For a short time after their release, Habbos were able to claim one free Frog through Facebook. On 7th April 2011, the Golden Pond Frog was released, along with the Pacific Pirate Spider, exclusively for HC and VIP members. A badge was also awarded to any Habbo who bought a pet Frog before 4th March 2011. Frogs were used in the Jungle quests in July 2012, as part of the Footsteps of the Ancients campaign.


When buying a frog from the catalogue, it gives you the option to customise its appearance by selecting a different breed. The 12 current breeds available are:

Name Image
Tree Frog
Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Silverback Toad
Cane Toad
Red-Bellied Frog
Water Frog
Bronze Toad
Albino Frog
Jungle Frog
Bubonic Toad

Old Breeds

Name Image
Kermit the Frog
Golden Bell Frog

Blushing Toad

Golden Pond Frog


When Frogs were released, it was possible to earn a free Frog by completing the following steps:

1. Logging into Habbo through Facebook and finding a mysterious glowing orb in one of your rooms.

2. Double-clicking the orb and waiting for a leaf gift to be sent to your inventory.

3. Placing the gift down in your room and double clicking it. This would prompt you to post a message on Facebook asking your friends to help open the gift.

4. Once a friend has helped, the gift would open and you would be able to name your new Frog. The Frog gift also comes with a nest and a badge.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to get a Frog for free through Facebook.

Frog Badges

There were two available badges for buying or earning a pet Frog.

Awarded for opening the leaf gift This badge was given out to any Habbo opened the leaf gift (stage 2/3 of earning a Frog through Facebook).

Awarded for buying a frog before 4th March 2011This badge was given out to any Habbo who bought a pet frog before 4th March 2011.


In March 2011, Habbo released a competition whereby the new Frogs needed help expressing their true selves on-client. To do this, the competition asked players to give a one-liner that a Frog might say on Habbo. If they won, they would receive a Swamp prize bundle, which later was revealed to include a Tree of Lost Souls, Swamp Fog and a Swamp Patch.


  • -Sol - You say jump, I say how high?!
  • ,ToxicThoughts - Sorry, my voice is a bit croaky today.
  • .Bubble.Ducky. - Not doing that, I'd rather croak!
  • 1andahalfstar - You're home! Welcome back to the pad!
  • Ajthedragon - *Thirsty* Need Croaka-Cola! Diet, of course.
  • Beach-Towel - Do you think I'd look good with a moustache?
  • Cbake - What is a frog's favourite snack? Cheese and croakers.
  • Celluarphoniqua - Moooo...Oops I mean *ribbit*.
  • ChickenFaces - Give me some water before I croak!
  • Coolstorybruh - How about a cup of hot croako?
  • Frenchkiss16! - Oh would you just kiss me already?!
  • Happy,Endings. - I'm happy because I eat whatever bugs me.
  • Hawaii5.O - I used to be a pro at Baseball, I would catch a lot of fly balls.
  • Jessica-Belaia - I'm in need of a big juicy fly!
  • Jo908 - I hope Lady Gaga doesn't wear me!
  • K.Cactus - Hope I don't have to cross a busy street today...
  • Kiddingz - I'm feeling a tad-polish.
  • LilWayneInJail - Have a TOADally UnFROGettable day!
  • OoNaNaNyee - Hey, do you like my shoes? They're open-toad!
  • Rottentroll - Flies in my soup are a bonus!
  • Storking^ - I'll huff and I'll puff.... Woops, wrong faiytale :S.
  • THE...BOSS.369 - What do you get if you cross a science fiction film with a toad? Star Warts.
  • Whizzer - Anyone up for a game of croak-ay?
  • ZachSafety - What does it take to get a fly around here?
  • Zo3, - Oops my fly is down.