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Release date: April 2007
Species: 12
Catalogue price: 20 Credits

Crocs were one of the first pets released on Habbo along with the Cat and Dog. When released, they were kept in the catalogue for a number of years but later removed for an unknown reason. Recently, the Crocs returned and Habbos are now able to purchase them once again. Just like any other pet, Habbos are able to purchase Crocs using the Catalogue under the Pet Shop section and it will come with its own Starter Food (T-Bone Steaks). Pet food and accessories can also be found in this section. All Crocs are able to be trained by their owners and, by doing so, they level up, resulting in the owner completing achievements. Upon buying a Croc, you are able to choose a colour (there are 17 different colours for you to choose from), species and a name for your pet. However, once the pet has been paid for, you are unable to change these settings.

Available Species

Over recent years, the number of Croc species has increased. There are currently 12 different Croc species, all costing the same price and available for your purchase. They are listed below:

  • Endangered Albino
  • Krazy krokodilos
  • Nile Dile
  • Silly Sobek
  • Dirty Dundee
  • Galled Gator
  • Confused Croc
  • Pretty Pui Pui
  • Indifferent
  • Swampy Siamese
  • Giggly Go-go
  • Petty Petsuchos

There is no difference in the look of a breed but Habbos can customise their Crocs by choosing the colour at the time of purchase. There are currently 17 different Croc colours.