Orange Sleeping Bag

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Orange Sleeping Bag
Motto: Ultimate coziness
Release date: 2007
Rare Values
Category: V11 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Orange Sleeping Bag is a Super Rare that was uploaded amongst various other V7 Rares. It is the rarest Sleeping Bag globally due to its release only being contained to and later, but on the English hotel it is one of the least valuable sleeping bags. It was handed out as a reward on to members that were "loyal" (had purchased a certain amount of credits - much like the Violet Spaceship Door release method), and due to so many users being "loyal", the value dropped dramatically and thus caused it to end up as one of the cheapest Super Rares available.


The Orange Sleeping Bag has been spotted and released onto 2 hotel. Here is the release information:

  • - Handed out to users who were considered "loyal" (had purchased a certain amount of credits) on the 22nd February 2009.
  • - Sold in catalogue in January 2018.
  • - Released in the catalogue in April 2018