Habbo Award Trophy

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Habbo Award Trophy

The Habbo Award Trophy is a super rare trophy on Habbo. It was given to the 15 winners of the Habbo of the Year 2010 competition. This was the first annual Habbo Awards campaign to occur after the English Hotel Merge. To date, this has been the only release period, there are therefore still only 15 on Habbo.


On 27th December 2010, Habbo announced (the by now annual) Habbo of the Year competition. The campaign started with a new set of five large, coloured trophies - added to the Christmas 2010 furniture range page in the catalogue.[1] The three Habbos who accumulated the most of one type of coloured trophy won the Habbo Award Trophy.[2]

Competition Winners [3]

Hottest Guy Hottest Girl Most Fashionable Best Room Builder Best Friend
BelieveMeSafety 5N 3XP Ravision Creptll
Fluid Puppel Super!krazy GTA Pass
saaraan Carehome Votes Financier -Curtis

Value & Status

This item is currently one of the most expensive award trophies, being so few in number. They're often favoured for casino trophy showcases and are unique in their large, duck-atop-Habbo style. Since the disappearance of casinos, these have fell into the hands of ultra rare collectors and have diminished in active quantity of the original 15 trophys given out.

There are approximately 8 of the 15 trophy's active left in the game that were given out. There have been 3 documented sales since 2018 of these Habbo Award Trophy's, with tracked sales of a trophy selling for a range of 80 Goldbars to 120 Goldbars.