Bolt of Zeus

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Bolt of Zeus
Motto: A Percy Jackson Furni.
Release date: February 2010
Rare Values
Category: Super Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Bolt of Zeus was given out in February 2010 to promote the movie 'Percy Jackson, Lightning thief.' It was only given out on the British Hotel and before the merge was only available in a single hotel.

The Bolt of Zeus is a Super Rare due to the way players could obtain it; it was a movie promotion item likewise with The Golden Tablet. To attempt to get the Bolt of Zeus, players had to complete a quest and if they gave the correct answer they would receive 'an ancient treasure' whereas some luckier players would receive the Bolt. It's unknown how many were given out, but Ludus, former Hotel Management informed players that 2000 were given out, although only 913 Habbos have the badge.

The furniture is animated with the ability to have a plain rock or a lightning bolt appearing from it. Due to the merge, the price has fluctuated due to the rarity and size of the item.