Ads 1800 tele

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Ads 1800 Tele
Release date: November 1st, 2010
Rare Values
Category: Teleporters
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The ads_1800tele is a super rare teleporter furniture on Habbo. Like many items on the hotel, its name is currently misnamed, it is more appropriately known as the 1800 Reverse Teleporter (though the branding has been purposely removed from the title and logo after the Habbo Merge). As with other super rare teleports, this piece is often considered in a pair and not as a stand alone porter.

Hover over the image on the right to see the original porter without the branding.


The release of this item coincided with an affiliation on the Australian Habbo with the 1800 Reverse company in November 2009.[1]The classic red phonebox teleport once again receiving a recolour variant with branding, in keeping with the companies call-service theme, as was similarily done for the Idea Agency and the corresponding Idea Agency Teleporters.

Value & Status

Super rare teleporters are ordinarily sought after in linking pairs. As time goes on and lent teleports may eventually lead to dead ends, a linking pair become both more rare and more valuable over time. They are often found in teleporter collections, as they have lesser utility in casinos, where the majority of super rares enjoy display and come to market.