Year of the Pig

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Year of the Pig

The Year of the Pig is a celebration of the Chinese zodiac Pig that last throughout the year. The first year in Habbo years it was celebrated in 2007 with a 2 huge room building competitions.

The second year it was celebrated was in 2019. This year it was celebrated alongside the Romantic Restaurant campaign, which was held for Valentines Day.



On February 18th , billions of people across the world celebrated the sacred tradition of Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, though, RocketSkates was not one of those people. I guess he forgot his skates to make some loud noise, because now his callous disregard for tradition has gotten him possessed by evil spirits! And now we're going to need your help to bring him back from the brink and get RocketSkates singing the them song to Saved by the Bell again! We can't do it alone, so we're gonna need you to help figure out how to get RocketSkates depossessed, and then bust out and drive the demons from him! But watch out for RocketSkates over the next couple of weeks, because, until we cure him, he's on a power-mad quest to take over the Hotel and depose Kedo! He may even come around and recruit you to his evil army dedicated to bringing more of his demon buddies into the Hotel. Don't let him! Fight his evil power with all your might!

Imperial Palace Competition

Chinese New Year is perhaps one of the largest celebrations in the world, where over 1 billion people around the world put time aside to celebrate the new year on the Lunar Calendar. With a long-spanning rich history of about 5,000 years, China has one of the oldest written histories of all the cultures in the world.

In appreciation for this rich cultural history (yes, RocketSkates, I said it), we are having an Imperial Palace Competition. While this does not have to be a particular era of Chinese history, we do insist that you mainly use (although not only restricted to) pieces of the Asian Furniture Line to accentuate the design.

This competition is no joke! The grand prize winner will win a lifetime subscription to our exclusive Habbo Club and 150 coins, with 5 Runner-ups winning 100 coins and 3 months of Habbo Club. Before you ask, yes HC's will earn double prizes for this competition (although double of lifetime Habbo Club is still lifetime Habbo Club).

Build Your Own Dojo

Yesterday’s Army Training was a disgrace, dogs. Only a select few of you proved you have the skill and discipline to lead the Renegade RocketSkates Faction to its noble ascendance into glorious power. Your loyalty is proven, but your minds are still weak, too weak to crush the dark forces of Kedo and the sleeping masses who will throw their bodies in front of their beloved master, all without remorse. Your mind must become as sharp as a katana blade, and your body must become as hard as the steel. And that is why, my minions, you must each erect dojo in my honor! You must train hard, you must forge your mind in the fire. And so you need a dojo in which to train, for the coming revolution!

All of my most loyal Habbos, whose dojos are of sufficient glory to properly praise me, shall be rewarded handsomely for their efforts, and given prominence within my forces. Kedo’s pre-emptive strike offering lifetime Habbo Club was a bold move on his part, but I will gladly match that and offer my follower who builds the most glorious monument to my majesty their own lifetime Habbo Club membership and 150 Habbo Coins! Those not quite as noble but still pretty noble will receive 3 months of Habbo Club and 100 Habbo Coins!

Do not digrace me by disobeying these prime directives:

Find The Cure

RocketSkates really needs your help guys! There is something seriously wrong with him, and nobody here knows how to snap him out of it! So we need your help to figure out how to cure Rocket! So let us know below, and then check back here to see if your cure is a strong possibility!



Name Image
Pig Statue
Golden Pig Statue
Pig Poster


Name Image
Piglet Hat