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The Hall Of Fame for Habbox is similar to that of Habbox Merit but this includes (ex) Habbox General Management, Habbox Merits and those that have contributed something outstanding to Habbox. Inductions to the Hall of Fame happen very rarely and in the fourteen years of Habbox existing there have only ever been a total of 23 people inducted.

Current Hall of Fame Members

Avatar Username Description
Mizki In 2004 Mizki decided to set up her own Habbo fansite, thus Habbox was born. As sole owner she decided she required a lot of help from her friends; none of them helped her more than Sierk who helped set up the original site and after a year in her venture she left Habbox! When she left, her friend Sierk was left with a present – sole ownership of the fansite and although Mizki no longer plays Habbo she does pop on HabboxForum to say hello when she can!
Jrh2002 Jrh2002 is most famous at Habbox for being the creator of the vBulletin HabboxForum which was founded in June 2004. Alongside that he also created a separate site called Habbox Radio which was later given a makeover and renamed HabboxLive. Control of these sites were later handed to Sierk and he has been the sole owner since. Years later Jrh2002 returned to Habbox as an Assistant General Manager until he resigned several months later. He has been a large donator to Habbox but now has no dealings with any area of Habbox.
MissAlice MissAlice was the very first Competitions Manager at Habbox. She formed the basis for what the department is today and started many competitions which at the time were unique to Habbox and some of which are still used today. Her new, unique competitions made Habbox the place to be! She is also famous for being an extremely well natured, kind and respected member of the Habbo community. In recognition of that she became a Habbo X. MissAlice has also been a prolific donor to Habbox, donating over two Thrones worth of furniture and many more credits.
Joshuar Joshuar played a major role in the international side of Habbox in American and Canada as well as Australia. So much so that he became Assistant General Manager (International) for Habbox giving him responsibility for all things related to overseas hotels. To add to his responsibilities, a year later in 2007 after the closure of all international projects (HabboxWorld) he also became a VIP editor and then Content Design Manager. However in 2008 stepped down from all of his roles, including that of Assistant General Manager to Forum Administrator. Several months later he left Habbox and sometimes will pop on to the forum to say hello to some old faces.
---MAD--- —MAD— is better known at Habbox for his controversial decisions he made whilst in the position of General Manager at Habbox. However many people do not realise that he had clearly already had a successful career at Habbox being the department manager for both Graphics and the Forum. He then rose to the positions of Assistant General Manager and then General Manager which he is most famously known for. Many people sensationally disagreed with decisions that were made by —MAD— however he implemented many great changes to Habbox and is also one of the longest General Managers ever to serve at Habbox. After a long time in his roles at Habbox, —MAD— finally took the decision to resign from Habbox in September 2008. He is no longer active.
Nvrspk4 Nvrspk4 joined Habbox as staff in 2005 and continued as staff until 2008. Over the three years that he was a member of staff he made a prolific mark on Habbox and since his departure has left a fantastic legacy behind. Many people remember him for his role as Assistant General Manager (Staff). After he was in the role of AGM (Staff), nvrspk4 became General Manager although due to personal reasons for just a short period of time. Habbox never got to see the impact he could have made as General Manager, many would have believed him to have been one of the greatest General Managers. nvrspk4 still visits Habbox every few months.
-:Undertaker:- -:Undertaker:- has been around since 2006, involving himself in Rare Values mainly, whereby he controlled the Rare Values System whilst in its peak and during the Samovar Crisis - he found himself being a Rare Watch Editor (a feature that was later removed). He helped shape the features of Rare Values intermittently from 2006 to 2015 and helped provide accurate and quick information for avid Habbo players; he remains active on the forum where he mainly posts in the Current Affairs section.
avatarimage?user=Samanfa&action=wav&direction=34&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Samanfa Samantha has been working in content on and off for many years, as well as her dedication to other departments along the way. Since she joined, she has worked incredibly hard, especially with the Wiki, which is now one of the most popular Habbo wikis with the best quality information. Before the official launch of the Wiki, Sam worked tirelessly on getting information on the Wiki and made sure it was all ready to be launched. Even since then, she has added hundreds of thousands of words, images and information to the wiki, which is a hugely important resource for Habbo users, official staff and Habboxers alike. For the reasons stated above we have decided to induct Sam into the Hall of Fame and show our appreciation for all the work she's done at Habbox over the years!
avatarimage?user=Sammeth.&action=wav&direction=34&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Sammeth. Sammeth was previously placed in the Hall of Fame but was removed amongst others during a Hall of Fame clear out. Sammeth worked a lot in the community side of things gaining a position of Assistant General Manager (Community) after his hard work in both production and Habbox TV departments. He has well known for reviving the Habbox lottery and creating Habbox' twitter page which now has 4,477. As a thanks for all of his hard work over the years he has now been reinstated back into the Hall of Fame!
avatarimage?user=8freak8&action=wav&direction=34&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png 8Freak8 Over his time at Habbox, he is often seen as the most impactful General Managers in Habbox's history. He managed many departments here at Habbox and made sure he put his all into each department that he has managed. He kept the website site updated on a regular basis during his time at Habbox. He is well known for the legacy he has left behind and helped shape Habbox to help continue its success for years to come!
avatarimage?user=%2CJess%2C&action=wav&direction=34&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png ,Jess, Jess is well known for working mainly in the radio department. She currently holds the record for the longest-reigning radio manager of all time! During her time in the radio department, she had high standards and always made they were met, helping the team to grow and improve massively. For her work and dedication at Habbox over the years she deserves to put placed in the Hall of Fame!
avatarimage?user=xxMATTGxx&action=wav&direction=34&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png xxMATTGxx For many people, there isn't a Habbox without Matt. Having been around since 2004, Matt felt like part of the furniture. He's not held many roles (compared to some staff!) but the ones he did, he held with conviction and dedicated many, many hours to the upkeep, development and community of Habbox. From Forum Manager to Co-Owner, Matt was an incredibly trusted, incredibly capable member of the forum and many members to this day can probably say that they would not be here without him.

Former Hall Of Fame Members

In 2014, after some controversy over how people should be selected to become a part of the Hall of Fame, former Assistant General Manager, Alkaz removed 15 members from the Hall of Fame. Even though they had all made significant contributions to Habbox, none were deemed great enough to remain within the Hall of Fame. Everyone that was removed from the Hall of Fame were already a part of the Habbox Merit scheme. To this date, there are no formal guidelines as to who should or should not be in the Hall of Fame. The former inductees into the Hall of Fame are as follow:


  • Only 26 people have ever made it to the Hall of Fame.
  • There is no requirements for being on the Hall of Fame, it's very rarely updated.