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Note: This account was not transferred during the 2010 merge or was deleted during an account clearout and either belongs to another user or is inactive.
Joined habbo: 29-Sep-2002
Hotel: Habbo.com
Originally from: Habbo.com (?)
HxF username: 8Freak8
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): General Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): General Management
Hall Of Fame
Reason(s): General Management

8Freak8 is a former General Manager - he succeeded properclone following his resignation from the role in August 2006. He first joined the forum on the 5th of July 2004 and quickly gained his first role as a News Reporter only 1 day after registering. He has been a manager of an array of departments, including Habbo Friend Manager, a position that no longer exists. He fully resigned in 2008.

He was previously on the Habbox Hall Of Fame but was removed when the list was cleared out. This was until 2018 when was once again included.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Assistant General Manager 02-May-2007 11-Jan-2008
Site Manager (Later General Manager) 19-Mar-2006 02-May-2007
Assistant Site Manager 17-Jan-2006 19-Mar-2006
Assistant Site Manager (Webpage Design) 05-May-2005 16-Oct-2005
News Reporter 15-Feb-2005 20-Mar-2005
Habbo Friends Manager 01-Feb-2005 15-Feb-2005
Webpage Design Manager 03-Oct-2004 15-Feb-2005
News Reporter 06-Jul-2004 11-Oct-2004


  • He is best known for being credited as the creator of the Habbox Help Desk
  • The only non-managerial role he had held, was as a News Reporter
  • He was also closely involved (being General Manager at the time) with the events of the Samovar Crisis.
  • The 'Freak' in his name was actually there because he was a power mad freak