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Joined habbo: 05-Nov-2003
Hotel: Habbo.com
Originally from: Habbo.co.uk (?)
HxF username: JackHb
Also known as: Jack
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): News Management
Site Management
VIP Management
Articles Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Site Management

JackHb is a former News Manager and Assistant Site Manager at Habbox. He first joined HabboxForum on the 25th June 2004 and was one of the first members to register on the Forum. He gained his first role on the 30th July 2004 as a Category Moderator for the Trading Forums; a job which isn't used anymore at Habbox, although is similar to the role of Forum Moderator who moderates the Trading Sections of the Forum. He held the positions until he became a Forum Administrator and eventually the Assistant Site Manager for both the Habbox site and the Forum. He fully resigned from his positions on the 31st May 2006 and occasionally visited the Forum for a few years before becoming inactive in 2012.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Articles Manager 31-Jan-2006 30-May-2006
VIPs Manager 24-Sept-2005 30-May-2006
Assistant Site Manager (Forum) 05-May-2005 30-May-2006
Assistant Site Manager 21-May-2005 05-May-2005
Forum Administrator 19-May-2005 30-May-2006
News Manager 19-Jan-2005 13-Jun-2005
Room Reviewer 31-Dec-2004 19-Jan-2005
Help Desk Staff 15-Nov-2004 30-May-2006
Category Moderator (Trading Forums) 30-07-2004 20-Jan-2005