Trap Wars

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Number of players: 9+

In Trap Wars the aim of the game is to trap other players in between chairs. To achieve this you must wait for a player to move to another chair.Whilst they do this two players on both ends of the seats must sit down.

You may often find that in these kind of games there is a time limit so for example if you stayed on a chair for too long you would be teleported back to the waiting area. This game is fairly popular but it is not often hosted as much these days due to a love of games like Cozzie Change, Falling Furni etc.

This game has been around for a few years now and i'm sure most of you have heard of it so if not i hope this helped you familiarise yourself with the game rules and how it works.

How to set up

  • Place your chairs in a 3x3 grid.
  • Then in between the chairs place your wired.
  • For the user has furni click on the section in between the chairs.
  • For the teleport to furni select the waiting area seats.

(If you dont know how to use these wireds go to