Runway Catwalk Bundle

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Runway Catwalk Bundle
Theme Boutique, Runway
Release Date 3 March 2016
Exclusive Items Paparazzi Camera

The Runway Catwalk Bundle was a Room Bundle released in March 2016. It was one the Runway-themed Room Bundles Habbo released. It was released along with the Runway Backstage Bundle and Runway Photocall Bundles, and Runway VIP Party Bundle being added two years later.

The room featured Runway furniture, as well as using some items from the Boutique line.

The bundle was sold for 99 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 328 Habbos have this badge.

All players who bought the bundle also received the badge awarded for purchasing the Runway Photocall Bundle.


Exclusive Items

  • Paparazzi Camera (x1)

Bundle Items

All players who bought the bundle also received the furniture included in the Runway Photocall Bundle. However, there were 71 additional items included in the bundle:

  • Black Stage Fences (x6)
  • Sliding Glass Doors (x1)
  • Venetian Building Blocks (x12)
  • Stage Smoker (x1)
  • Suave Chairs (x6)
  • Theatre Curtains (x1)
  • Marble Tiles (x6)
  • Stage Screen (x1)
  • Black Stages (x14)
  • Stage Lights (x1)
  • Transparent Floors (x14)
  • Bouncer (x1)
  • Pura Block Lamps (x2)
  • Neon Table (x1)
  • Mannequins (x3)
  • Rope Divider (x1)