Habbo Mall Entrance Bundle

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Habbo Mall Entrance Bundle
Theme Mall
Release Date 1 March 2017 (Habbo.com)

The Habbo Mall Entrance Bundle was a furniture bundle released on Habbo in March 2017, the bundle was apart of the Habbo Mall 2017 campaign.

The bundle included 3 sets of vintage teleports and included a 2017 version of the Habbo Mall Kiosk. The bundle sold for 199 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 1 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

The bundle had 141 items of furniture, including:

  • Attic Door Tele (x2)
  • Bar (x10)
  • Bar Corner (x4)
  • Black Limo Back (x1)
  • Black Limo Front (x1)
  • Black Limo Middle 1 (x1)
  • Black Marble Floor (x8)
  • Black Occasional Table (x1)
  • Cafe de Flore (x3)
  • City Building 2 (x1)
  • Coffee Sipping Chair (x4)
  • Cosy Rug (x6)
  • Cyber Teleport (x2)
  • Cycad Plant (x1)
  • Desk Phone (x1)
  • Desktop Clutter (x2)
  • Doormat (x4)
  • Executive Carpet (x4)
  • Executive Swivel Chair (x1)
  • Filing Cabinet (x1)
  • Fountain (x1)
  • Girls' Bathroom Sign (x1)
  • Glass roof (x1)
  • Grass Patch (x3)
  • Guys' Bathroom Sign (x1)
  • Habbo Mall Kiosk (x1)
  • Italian Marble Floor (x14)
  • Japnese Bench (x2)
  • Mall tele-door (x2)
  • Monster Plant Bed (x2)
  • Parisien Parasol (x2)
  • Potted Peace-Lily Plant (x1)
  • Road Signs (x1)
  • Rugged Laptop (x1)
  • School Flooring (x16)
  • Skyscraper Window (x16)
  • Spotless Restaurant Table (x2)
  • Stage Chair (x1)
  • Steampunk Computer (x1)
  • Tricolore Awning (x2)
  • Venetian Divider (x6)
  • Venetian Divider Corner (x2)
  • Venetian Water (x4)