Karaoke Bar Bundle

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Karaoke Bar Bundle
Theme Neon, Paris
Release Date 11 July 2016 (Habbo.com)
Exclusive Items Titanium Drinks Cabinet

The Karaoke Bar Bundle was a furniture bundle released on Habbo in July 2016.

The room, which was an unusual layout (well-received by Habbos without Builders Club who could not edit floor layouts), contained club-themed furniture, as well as a dark teal wallpaper and underwater Room View.

The room was made from classic Neon furniture pieces and wall items, as well as a few items from the Stars and Paris ranges. It also included a Titanium Drinks Cabinet, which was never sold outside of this bundle.

The bundle sold for 99 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 250 Habbos have this badge.


Exclusive Items

  • Titanium Drinks Cabinet (x1)

Bundle Items

There were 83 items included in the bundle:

  • Girls Bathroom Sign (x1)
  • Boys Bathroom Sign (x1)
  • Applause Sign (x1)
  • Stars Wall Lamp (x2)
  • School Lunch Cart (x1)
  • Neon Right Arrow (x1)
  • Neon Table (x4)
  • Neon Chair (x8)
  • Circular Stage (x1)
  • Coffee Sipping Chair (x6)
  • Pink Light Strips (x4)
  • Bar Shelf (x1)
  • Skyscraper Window (x4)
  • Titanium Drinks Cabinet (x1)
  • Star Carpet (x9)
  • Star Carpet Black (x9)
  • Mall tele-door (x2)
  • Flamingo Light (x1)
  • On Air Sign (x1)
  • Balcony (x4)
  • La Ofrenda (x1)
  • Cafeteria Nuggets (x1)
  • Cafeteria Vegetables (x1)
  • Small Blue Crate (x1)
  • Large Blue Crate (x2)
  • Spotless Restaurant Table (x3)
  • Empty Cans (x2)
  • Laser (x1)
  • Party Spotlight (x1)
  • Microphone (x1)
  • Dance Floor (x8)