Red Beach Bundle

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Red Beach Bundle
Theme Santorini
Release Date 15 June 2017 (

The Red Beach Bundle was a furniture bundle released on Habbo in June 2017.

The room had a generic western layout, made using the Wild Wild West furniture line.

The bundle was available for 99 credits.



Upon purchasing this bundle, you received this badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 161 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

There were 58 items included in the bundle:

  • Santorini Table (x1)
  • Shark Fin (x2)
  • Beach Ball (x1)
  • Santorini Cliff (x8)
  • Santorini Rocks (x3)
  • Santorini Sand (x12)
  • Lifeguard Tower (x1)
  • Crab Rock Pool (x3)
  • Santorini Savoury Food (x1)
  • Santorini Pier (x2)
  • Deep Water Patch (x5)
  • Santorini Cave (x7)
  • Santorini Pier Piece (x2)
  • Partially Submerged Rock (x3)
  • Blue Deck Chair (x2)
  • Santorini Cave Roof (x3)
  • Daphne the Donkey (x2)