Blue Battle Ball Bundle

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Blue Battle Ball Bundle
Theme Battle Ball
Release Date 26 September 2016

The Blue Battle Ball Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released on Habbo in September 2016.

The room was made with all-new furniture, only available to purchase in the Battle Ball bundles.

The lounge room was based off the Battle Ball game lobby from 2005. The Battle Ball Bundles included:

The bundle was sold for 99 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 148 Habbos on the International Hotel have this badge.


Bundle Items

There were 75 items included in the bundle:

  • Classic BB Sofa (x5) - red
  • Classic BB Chair (x4) -red
  • Classic BB ticket - red
  • Classic BB carpet floor (x8) - red
  • Classic BB pillar 1 (x2)
  • Classic BB divider - red
  • Classic BB tile floor (x16) - blue
  • Classic BB table (x2)
  • Classic BB lock (x4)
  • Classic BB stool (x4)
  • Classic BB divider (x3) - blue
  • Classic BB plant (x6) - red
  • Classic BB floor (x4)
  • Classic BB pillar 2 (x3) - blue
  • Classic BB bench (x3)
  • Classic BB railing (x3)
  • Classic BB wall 1 (x6)