Spacecraft Bundle

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Spacecraft Bundle
Theme SciFi
Release Date 08 May 2017 (
17 April 2018 (
Exclusive Items Faulty Warp Drive

The Spacecraft Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released on Habbo in May 2017 during the Outer Space campaign and again in April 2018.

The bundle was released alongside the Titan Spacecraft Bundle. These bundles were different to other bundles as they had four parts (The Command Centre, Engine Room, Laboratory and Sleeping Quarters) and Habbos could choose to buy a version with two parts (the Spacecraft Bundle which just The Command Centre and Engine Room), or the full Titan Spacecraft Bundle. Each part had its own badge and three parts had exclusive furniture meaning Habbos who bought the two part version would receive two badges and one exclusive, or they could buy the full version and receive four badges and three exclusives

It was designed to resemble a spacecraft and was released alongside the Titan Spacecraft Bundle. It mostly included furniture from the SciFi furniture line, but it also included furniture from various other lines, including Pura, Bensalem, Bathroom, and Pirate.

The bundle was sold for 199 Credits.



Habbos who bought the bundle received two badges:

Badge 1 - Command Centre


According to Habbowidgets, 179 Habbos have this badge.

Badge 2 - Engine Room


According to Habbowidgets, 180 Habbos have this badge.


Every user who purchased the bundle also received two badges.

Badge 1 - Command Centre


According to Habbowidgets, 95 Habbos have this badge.

Badge 2 - Engine Room


According to Habbowidgets, 96 Habbos have this badge.

Furniture Items

Exclusive Items

  • Faulty Warp Drive (x2)

There were 170 other items included in this bundle:

  • Navigation Console (x3)
  • Display-Gate (x4)
  • Large Crate (x8)
  • Spaceship Corner Wall (x1)
  • Red USVA Table Lamp (x16)
  • Engineering Console (x1)
  • Spaceship Window (x1)
  • Spaceship Roof (x6)
  • Pirate Cannon (x2)
  • Water Tubes (x2)
  • Doormat (x6)
  • Spaceship Floor Dark (x16)
  • Joystick (x1)
  • Toilet Wall (x4)
  • Dark Pura Block (Grey) (x11)
  • Starry Night (x1)
  • Warp Reactor (x6)
  • Blue Quarter-Round (x8)
  • Command Console (x1)
  • Spaceship Lamp (x2)
  • Transparent Floor (x2)
  • Small Chair (x6)
  • Space Table (x1)
  • Tube Corner (x1)
  • Swamp Fog (x6)
  • Spaceship Wall (x6)
  • Spaceship Floor Light (16)
  • Small Crate (x5)
  • Black USVA Block Shelf (x4)
  • Captain's Chair (x3)
  • Light Pole (x4)
  • Dark Pura Book Shelf (x8)