Autumn Mushroom Garden Bundle

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Autumn Mushroom Garden Bundle
Theme Country, Gardening, Fungi
Release Date 11 September 2015

The Autumn Mushroom Garden Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released on Habbo in September 2015.

It was designed to resemble an autumn forest and had a range of furniture to create a mushroom-ified woods.

The garden-themed room featured many popular Country and Gardening furniture items, as well as Easter grass, Shakespeare benches and some Fungi - hence the name of the bundle. The bundle also included your very own bot! Named 'Xena' (as seen in the Bundle photo).

The bundle was sold for 99 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 429 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

There were 66 items included in the bundle:

  • Ditch (x6)
  • Stone Stairs (x2)
  • Paddock Fence (x1)
  • Watering Can (x1)
  • Gate (x1)
  • Chesnut Roaster (x1)
  • Gold Lupine (x1)
  • Yellow Starfish (x1)
  • Tree Stool 2 (x1)
  • Forest Wall (x6)
  • Ditch Corner (x1)
  • Glowing Garden Floor (x8)
  • Mayflower Mushrooms (x2)
  • Mushroom Stool (x2)
  • Log (x1)
  • Coraline Mushrooms (x1)
  • Gallant Gold Rush (x1)
  • Garden Rose Swing (x1)
  • Dusty Grass Floor (x1)
  • Monster Plant Bed (x1)
  • Stump Chair (x1)
  • Stone Patio (x1)
  • Friendship Tree (x6)