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Release date July 2005
Category Classical Rares
Super Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values
Old Infobus Image
The Infobus is a very old Super Rare poster. Its exact release details are blurred, but it was first spotted in staff rooms in July 2005. It has never been released in the Catalogue, and very few have been given out in competitions. Due to the small number that have been given out officially, many players believe some of the existing posters were scripted.

It appears as a poster and works well in Casinos and such, but with it not being released in the Catalogue it's harder to come by as opposed to other Posters and Flags.

Value & Status

There are around 25-30 Infobus posters on

Here are 27 confirmed room examples of the Infobus Poster on

Number Owner Updated
2 Lobbed 15-Jan-2016
2 Conick 15-Jan-2016
1 Zak 27-Oct-2017
1 elcarz 21-Mar-2017
1  !EOD! 15-Jan-2016
1 chidiva 15-Jan-2016
1 Vintalie 21-Mar-2017
1 Zh 21-Mar-2016
1 Moonn6-Safety 21-Mar-2016
1 Tom-Safe 26-Jan-2016
3 HattawaySafety 26-Jan-2016
1 Zyepher 02-Jul-2016
1 DJ_Shadow 21-Mar-2017
1 GoldBronze 21-May-2017
2 Retaz 31-Mar-2016
1 Reichsmark 22-May-2017
2 LuCa.5 25-May-2017
2 jezza1.4 16-Jul-2017
1 GoldenMerc 20-Jul-2017
1 Brapd 22-Jul-2017
1 Bobba-Storage 07-Aug-2019
Total 28/28


  • Habbo UK Staff member Jay (Player Support) gave an Infobus poster to the user "Hippy" in early 2006. At the time, this was believed to be the first Infobus poster owned by a regular Habbo.
  • Eight posters were given out to the finalists of the "Around the World in 80 Rooms" contest held on during August 2006.


  • When Habbo de-branded many of its furni items, the Infobus was one of the items. The original item was a yellow smiley face sticker.
  • Its description was originally 'The Special Infobus Poster'. However this was changed to just 'Infobus' sometime in 2012.

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