Habbo 15 (furni)

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Habbo 15
H15fin video.png
Release date July 2015
Category Ultra Rares

The Habbo 15 is an ultra rare awarded to the winner and the runners-up of the Birthday Video competition that took place during the celebration of the Habbo 15 campaign in 2015. The competition asked users to recreate their favorite music video or movie scene on Habbo and record it. The lucky ones to take over the furni were Jamaison31 -winner-, Redinorun and Undercover. - finalists-.

Its price is very high due to its scarcity and that rarely can be found in the market. There are only 3 examples of it, not counting the two that can be found in the Hall of Habbo. Interestingly, it bears the same name as the Habbo 15 campaign.

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