Block Competition Finalists

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Block Competition Finalists
H15fin block.png
Release date July 2015
Category Ultra Rares

The Block Competition Finalists is an ultra rare that is part of the series of trophies awarded to the winners and runners of the competitions that took place during the celebration of the Habbo 15 campaign, to mark the 15th anniversary of Habbo.

The furni in question was awarded to the user Priorities, for having won The Brithday Block competition. The respective runnerups, mintson18 and Cannonman also received it. The Birthday Block competition users to build what they think Habbo Hotel would look like in 15 years' time using only the Building Blocks furniture.

The statuette consists of a duck - iconic emblem of the furnies - made with blocks and a builder's helmet on its head.

Its price is usually high due to its scarcity and that can rarely be found in the market. Although it was granted only to three users, there are two examples of it in the Hall of Habbo.

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