Navy Giant Pillow

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Navy Giant Pillow
Navy giant pillow.gif
Release date 2007 (
Category V7 Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Navy Giant Pillow (also known as the "Navy Satin Pillow" on foreign hotels) is a Super Rare which was first spotted in the hotels with the arrival of V7 (Version 7). It is the rarest of all the Pillows on due to it only being released on Habbo UK as a competition prize.

Habbo UK Release

On Habbo UK the Navy Giant Pillow was only handed out as a competition prize, it was never released into the catalogue which explains the incredibly high value of the item. The most memorable competition in which this pillow was released would be the "Funky Friday" competition. Users had to call a phone number and answer a multiple choice question and random winners would be picked to receive a prize! The Funky Friday competition which foresaw the arrival of the Navy Giant Pillow was to do with "St. Trinian's" back in 2007 - here is a small sample from the article;

"So, lots of prizes to be won this week with the St Trinian's competition and it doesn't stop there. Fancy winning yourself some goodies to remember the St Trinian's visit to Habbo? Well, then you're in the right place! This week's Funky Friday prizes have everything to do with their visit!

  • 1 Red pillow - To represent the Red team house.
  • 1 Gold pillow - To represent the Yellow house.
  • 1 Purple pillow - To represent the Purple house.
  • 1 Green pillow - To represent the Green house.
  • 1 Navy pillow - To represent the Blue house.
  • 1 Pink pillow - To represent the Pink house.
  • 3 Thrones - For the Headboy, Headgirl and the Prefect!"

The irony behind the competition is that Sulake chose to release the Navy Giant Pillow instead of the Blue Giant Pillow, yet the Pillow was meant to represent the "Blue house".

Foreign Hotels

The Pillow has also been released on 3 other hotels and spotted on another hotel. The hotels that the pillow was released on are;

  • (Habbo Brazil/Brasil)- Released as part of a competition reward.
  • (Habbo Norway) - Sold in the catalogue in January 2008.
  • (Habbo Denmark) - Sold in the catalogue in January 2008.
  • (Habbo Spain) - Sold in the catalogue in January 2016.
  • (Habbo Turkey) - Sold in the catalogue in January 2016.
  • (Habbo France) - Sold in the catalogue in January 2016.
  • (Habbo Italy) - Sold in the catalogue in January 2016.
  • (Habbo Germany) - Sold in the catalogue in January 2016.

The Pillow was also spotted (but not officially released) in Habbo Canada - It was seen in the room "Set C" owned by Lady Sovereign - and in Habbo Germany, seen in a room owned by "final-kampf".

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