Outfit Competition Finalists

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Outfit Competition Finalists
H15fin outfit.png
Release date July 2015
Category Ultra Rares

The Outfit Competition Finalists is an ultra rare that was awarded within the framework of the The Birthday Outfit competition. It took place during the celebration of the Habbo 15 campaign, held to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Habbo in 2015. Users were asked to design a brand new oufit for their Habbo avatar.

The furni in question was awarded to the user U2, winner of the competition, who also took a Habbo15 Outfit Competition Winner (an ultra rare consisting of a statue of himself). It was also awarded to the runnerups of the competition, the users innercity and jasean94.

There are only 3 furnies of its kind in Habbo (without taking into account the two that are in the Hall of Habbo). Its price is high due to its rarity and that you can seldom see it in the market.

Owner Tacking

Owner Last Update
innercity 24-Dec-2018
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