Habbo 15 Rare Furni Competition Winner

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Habbo 15 Rare Furni Competition Winner
Habbo15 win 44.png
Release date July 2015
Category Ultra Rares

The Habbo 15 Rare Furni Competition Winner is an ultra rare originally awarded to Skranger for being the winner of the Birthday Rare competition, which took place in the framework of the Habbo 15 campaign for the 15th anniversary of Habbo in 2015.

The Birthday Rare competition asked users to design their own rare furniture item.

The furni in question is a statue of the avatar of the winner, and can be considered unique. While 5 statues were awarded to the different winners of the different Habbo 15 campaign competitions, they all have a unique name and unique appearance.

Its price is high because it is unique, and rarely seen in the market. There is only one example of this furni, not counting the one in the Hall of Habbo.

Owner Tracking

Owner Last Update
B 24-Dec-2018
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