Rare Competition Finalists

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Rare Competition Finalists
H15fin rare.png
Release date June 2015
Category Ultra Rares

The Rare Competition Finalists is an ultra rare awarded originally to the finalists of The Birthday Rare Competition which took place during the Habbo 15 campaign created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Habbo in June 2015.

The winner of the competition was Skanger, who received the furni called Habbo 15 Rare Furni Competition Winner, which consists of a statue of himself. The runnerups were Ranger and CoreyBright. All three were awarded the little dragon.

The Rare Competition Finalists is an expensive ultra rare due to its shortages and that are not seen in the market very often. Although there are three of them (without taking into account those found in the public Hall Of Habbo), only the whereabouts of two are known. The last purchase was made in December 2018 for 12.000 coins.

Owner Tracking
Owner Last Update
badamana18 23-Dec-2018
Undercover. 22-Dec-2018
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