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Real Infobus

The Infobus was a feature of a Public Room named the Infobus Park. Although the park was open all year round, the bus remained closed unless opened by staff to host information sessions or discussions. A poll feature was often enabled while the inside the bus was open, for user response. The Infobus was used primarily by non-profit organizations to raise awareness for various campaigns, with the exterior of the bus changing for each campaign. The experts (staff of the organisation) led the discussion inside, and were distinguished by a special badge. It is unknown how many times the bus opened in each country, however depending on the event and the Client Update it was released with, the Infobus held 15 or 30 Habbos.

Other promotions of the Infobus included the Infobus (Furni) that appears as a model of the real Infobus on the wall; this used to be a promotional poster but was then changed.


  • For every campaign there was a different design both inside and outside the bus. There were over 100 campaigns across all the hotels.


Reach Out! Rock the Schools Tour 07 Rock the Schools 2010
Bus au.gif Bus au 2.gif Bus au 3.gif


Name Description Image
Reach Out! RE1.gif


Fundação Abrinq
Bus br.png


No Badges were used in the brazilian infobus


O.P.P (Ontario Provincial Police)
Bus ca.gif


Name Description Image
O.P.P Badge CAA.gif


EOPH / Netari / HUBU / MLL / Mantelli
Bus fi.gif


Name Description Image
HUB FI1.gif
Manteli FI2.gif
Netari FI3.gif
EOPH FI4.gif
Netari FI6.gif
MLL FI7.gif


Unicef Fil Santé Jeunes
Bus fr.gif Bus fr 2.gif


Name Description Image
Unicef ES1.gif
Fil Santé Jeunes FRF.gif


Powerchild / BKE
Bus de.gif


Name Description Image
Powerchild DE1.gif
BKE DE2.gif


Bus it.gif


Name Description Image
Unicef ES1.gif


Stichting tegen zinloos geweld / Childright / Pestweb / Artsen Zonder Grenzen / Warchild / C.O.C / Sterkamp / Politie
White Infobus.gif


Name Description Image
Stichting Tegen Zinloos Geweld NL1.gif
Childright NL2.gif
Pestweb Pestweb NL3.gif
Artsen Zonder Grenzen NL4.gif
WarChild Warchild NLA.gif
Habbo Tolerance badge Habbo Tolerance badge NLG.gif
Infobus Expert Infobus Expert NLI.gif
Politie Infobus Expert Politie NL033.gif


Cibervoluntarios Chaval / Comisariado Europeo del Automóvil Unicef Protegeles
Bus es 3.gif Bus es.gif Bus es old.gif Bus es 4.gif


Name Description Image
Cibervoluntarios ESK.gif
Chaval ES6.gif
Comisariado Europeo del Automóvil ES2.gif
Unicef ES1.gif
Protegeles ESPR1.gif


Unicef Ungdomsförbund
Bus it.gif Bus se.gif


Name Description Image
Unicef ES1.gif
Ungdomsförbund SE2.gif


Schtifti Pro Juventute
Bus ch.gif Bus ch 2.gif


Name Description Image
Schtifti CH1.gif
Pro Juventute CH2.gif

United Kingdom

Bus uk.gif Bus uk 2.gif


Name Description Image
Infobus Infobus2.gif
Childline UK8.gif
Way Too Much Information WTM.gif
Bullyproof UK029.gif
Arms against cervical cancer Z18.gif



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