StrayPixels Winner x7

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StrayPixels Winner x7
Release date N/A
Category Super Rares / StrayPixels
Value Habbox Rare Values

The StrayPixels Winner x7 Easel is given out for winning 7 StrayPixels competitions, this required entrants to design various graphics suited to the theme that was given each month. Not only that, but the participants were judged by NotMiceElf and others, they would pick those who they thought fit the theme the best. The entries would then be deemed the winners and some were given 'honourable mention.'

When entrants won for the seventh time they would receive a Duck Trophy inscribed by staff, the Easel and a special background for their Homepage giving the incentive to win more of the competitions in the campaign. Also, the Easel is currently not valued due to no recorded trades being made.

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