Habbo 15 Room Competition Winner

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Habbo 15 Room Competition Winner
Habbo15 win 21.png
Release date June 2015
Category Ultra Rares

The Habbo 15 Room Competition Winner is an ultra rare originally awarded to Drahiq for being the winner of the Birthday Room competition.

This competition asked users to create their dream room. It took place during the celebration of Habbo 15 campaing in 2015.

The furni in question consists of a statue of the avatar of the winner and is unique in its type, since it has a name and appearance that differentiates it from the rest.

There is only one in the entire hotel, not counting the one in the Hall Of Habbo. Its price is high due to its rarity and that it is rarely seen in the market.

Owner Tracking
Owner Last Update
B 24-Dec-2018
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