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Note: This account was not transferred during the 2010 merge or was deleted during an account clearout and either belongs to another user or is inactive.
Joined habbo: 2004
Also known as: Impetuous, Imp, EasterBunny, Habbo.Cupid, Bonnie.Blonde
Former Habbo Staff
Role(s): Hotel Manager (Nov 04 - May 06)

Callie, known as Justine Hill, is a former hotel manager of Habbo Hotel (UK), she was the 3rd Hotel Manager after Ione and jibbi.

Callie was the UK Hotel Manager for two years like her predecessors Jibbi and Ione. She was succeeded by the fourth and final UK Hotel Manager, Lost_Witness. She managed the hotel between 2004 and 2006 and with her reign came many controversies about her role and relationships within Habbo.

Callie came under fire when Sulake's Housekeeping was accessed and Callie's unique ID was checked to find Impetuous and Callie under the same name.

It was well-known that Impetuous was romantically involved with Ex-Hobba YaTwice online, before becoming the hotel manager.

Callie left Habbo in May of 2006, alongside Dionysus (who remained working within Sulake):

"A Habbo staff news update.
As some of you may be aware, Callie has left the UK office to find other challenges in this great wide world.
We at Habbo UK wish her the best of luck in the future, and thank her for the hard work, effort and exemplary dedication she has shown over the last year and a half. We know that Habbo UK will never be the same without her.
In the interim, Lost_Witness will be filling in as Hotel Manager, and we hope you welcome him and give him a chance- he has some mighty big shoes to fill, but we are sure that over the coming weeks he will prove himself more than capable of shouldering this enormous opportunity/ burden.
Mr. Dionysus is not leaving the company, but is leaving Habbo UK. He leaves on Sunday to start a new, painful and terrifying life at Sulake HQ in Helsinki. He is terrified beyond belief.
Please join me in welcoming Lost_Witness to the site production team, and wishing Callie and Mr. Dionysus a fond and reasonably painless farewell."Callie, Imp & Dionysus left (MMOCC Forum)]


A popular Hotel Manager, Callie had a large fan-base in the hotel in a period when visitor numbers reached into the tens of thousands at peak times. Her avatar is one of the most famous icons of the hotel. Always with orange, side-swept hair and varying attire - she became the subject of both official campaign alterations for the newsie and Habbo Hotel website, as well as in amateur alterations on fan-sites, many are still available on resource pages today. Callie Alterations (Habborator).

Her personality and likes were well-known too. She was known to be bubbly, friendly with a great many users and mischievous, with a fond affinity for jaffa cakes. She was also known for a number of controversies and being prone to mistakes in her staff role.

Callie as Hotel Manager expanded the popularity and influence of Habbo Fansites during her reign. Her popular room, the Fansite Drop-In, was a seasonally themed place where Habbos could meet and great the Fansite owners and staff. Her association with Fansite owners and staff was close, as well as with other 'popular' Habbos, causing resentment in many users who felt like favouritism was becoming a real issue, she was known to be very generous in sporadic gift giving too.

Callie and Impetuous had the same unique ID after Housekeeping was hacked into, thus leading to the reveal of the user owning both accounts. Impetuous' unique ID in Housekeeping




It was rumoured (mainly users who had access and knowledge of Hobba tools and staff controls) that Callie was unqualified to become a Hobba. Despite her avatar being qualified in age, experience etc - requirements that were all standard for such applications, her age from her Habbo registration was not old enough to qualify. Despite this, Callie was a Hobba alongside being Staff, a similar accusation was levelled against many other Hobbas, including FarmerJiles, who was thought to be just fifteen at the time of application and ascendancy did Lost_Witness take over Callie? FarmerJiles Hobba Status (Habbox Forum)


It was often rumoured that Callie was another user, Impetuous, under another name. Impetuous was another staff member working in the UK office at the time, she owned and ran her own popular Habbo Fansite, - which closed down in 2005 when Lost_Witness replaced Callie as Hotel Manager. The site was also under scrutiny due to lack of updates and inappropriate alterations, which did not render it unfit to retain Official Fansite status, despite being removed from this list earlier in the year for similar improper alterations.

In May 2006, it was announced on the Habbo Council website that Callie had left Habbo at the same time as Impetuous, another coincidence considered proof, as did Dionysus. Callie/Impetuous/Dionysus Have Left Habbo (Habbox Forum)

Furniture Selling

Although a serious accusation, it was rumoured heavily that Callie was involved with both the sale of in-client furniture on eBay, as well as the improper use of the user account of Lost_Witness to attain such furniture. It is said that this is both the reason for her departure from Sulake and the reason Lost_Witness became Hotel Manager rapidly and without previous announcement. How did Lost_Witness take over Callie? (Habbox Forum)

Alleged abuse of position

Another charge often leveled at Callie during her time as Hotel Manager was that her very close friendship with a Habbo user known as Evolution and others had led to many competitions and events being influenced by her group of friends: this was especially apparent in how Evolution was given unreleased rare items on numerous occasions by Callie despite not having won them via any competitions.

This close relationship led to numerous mass protests which often took place in the Theatredrome and Habbo Hallways calling for Callie's resignation.

Catalogue Releases

During her reign, Callie was blamed for two unplanned and accidental releases of Super Rare and previously unreleased furniture. These became known as the Palsternakka incident and the Habbo Trophies Release.