List of rares released in 2013

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List of rares released in 2013
Release date 2013
Rare Values
Category Rares

This is a list of all Rares and Limited Edition Rares released in 2013.

2013 Was also the year that Bonus Rares were introduced, you could get a Bonus Rare if you bought 120 Credits. They're added in the Bonus Rares Header under the Limited Edition Rares on this page.


Name Image Release Date Information
HC Knight HC-Knight.png January
Aquarium Reef aquarium.png January
Steampunk Grammophone SteamGrammophone.png March
Steampunk Zeppelin SteamZepplin.png March
Time Machine SteamTimeMachine.png March
Rare Banzai Robo Rare Banzai Robo.png April
Rare Bear Head Rare Bear Head.png April
Rare Banzai Sphere Rare Banzai SPhere.png April
Good Side Throne Throne2.png May
Bad Side Throne Throne1.png May
Popcorn Stand Popcorn Stand.png July
Hot Dog Vendor Hot Dog Vendor.png July
Bubble Juice Stand Bubble Juice Stand.png July
Poseidon Statue Poseidon Statue.png August
Navigator Desk Navigators Desk.gif August
Kraken Pirate Kraken.png August
School Gates School gates.gif September
Rare Gilded Desk Rare Gilded Desk.png September
Rare Gilded Chair Rare Gilded Chair.png September
Ditch The Label Flag Machine Ads dtlrare.png October only, given out during a competition
Sally The Sheep SallytheSheep.png October
Princess and the Pea Hween13 monsterpea.png October Buying this Rare also gave you a badge
Seance Book Hween13 book.png October Buying this Rare also gave you a badge
Throne Of Thorns F-5321 3.png October Buying this Rare also gave you a badge
The Gnome Poster Cine pstr 10.png December
Magical Machine MagicalMachine13.PNG December
Candy Terminal CandyTerminal13.PNG December

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Release Date Information
Pink Dragon Lamp Pink Dragon 2.png January
Silver Pillow SPILLOW.png January Sold out in less then 4 seconds
Bronze Pillow BPILLOW.png January Sold out in less then 20 seconds
Yohand Comeere easel YohandComeere.png February
Victor Vangoof easel VictorVangoof.png February
Lennard David Cheep easel LenardCheep.png February
Carl Waddlesworth III easel CarlWaddlesworth.png February
A.P. Plumage Plumage2.png February
Easter Dino Egg EasterDinoEgg.png March
Rare Arcade Cabinet RareCabine.png April
Mystic Fountain Mystics rfountain-1 center.png May
Holo Nelly Holo nelly-1 center.png May
Mystic Pillar Mystics rpillar-1 center.png May
Palooza Kiosk Hblooza kiosk-1 center.png June
Golden apple name Golden apple.png September
Demonic Sheep DemonicSheeppng.png October

Bonus Rares

Name Image Release Date Information
Silver Icecream Machine Silver ice cream machine.gif January First Bonus Rare ever
David Fountain David fountain.gif February
Easter Globe Easter globe.gif March
Cotton Candy Stand Cotton candy stand.gif June
Wilting Rose Wilting rose.gif October
Director's Chair Bonus Directors chair.gif November
Wooden Horse Wooden horse.gif December
Icy Ice Cream Maker Icy ice cream maker.gif December