List of rares released in 2003

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This is a list of all Rares released in 2003.


Name Image Release Date Information
Holiday Romance Holiday Romance.gif February Released around Valentines Day, first item released in the Rares section of the catalogue
Aloe Vera Aloe.gif March Was first scripted into the hotel, later released as a Rare
Petal Patch Petal.gif April Rare that has been rereleased a couple of times: March 2005, November 2005 and May 2007. Sulake staff members promised in late 2007 that they would never re-release the Rare again
Crusoe's Hammock Hammock.gif May
Violet Parasol Violet Parasol.png June
Orange Parasol Parasol orange.gif June Was released in habbo UK, Later Rereleased in 2005
Jade Birdbath Jade Birdbath.png July
Grey Birdbath Grey Fountain.png July
Granite Birdbath Granite Fountain.png July Accidently Released in the UK
Blue Kimberlite Fountain Blue Kimberlite Fountain.png July Accidently Released in the UK
Bronze Elephant Bronze Elephant.png August
Silver Elephant Silver Elephant.png August
Golden Elephant Golden Elephant.png August Super rare, some hotels sold it in the catalogue, others hand it out at a competition price.
Royal Egyptian Lamp Amber blue.gif September
Red Amber Lamp Red Amber Lamp.png September
Lapland Greetings Santa and Elf.gif December
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