List of rares released in 2007

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This is a list of all rares released in 2007

Name Image Release Date Information
Ochre Ice Cream Maker Ochre ice cream maker.gif Unknown Given out as a "Credit Action" Reward on in late 2007
Ocean Sleeping Bag Ocean sleeping bag.gif January
Black Giant Pillow Black giant pillow.gif February First released on Later given out as a competition price in August on and also as a competition price on in October
Orange Inflatable Chair Orange Inflatable Chair.gif February Given out as a "Credit Action" on Habbo USA
Pink Shutter Iced 10 pink.png February Strangely enough this was a rare on and which eventually turned into a part of the normal Iced furniture line.
Jade Laser Portal Jade laser portal.gif February Given out as a "Credit action" on and in March also for a "Credit Action" on
Valentine's Cauldron Valentine's cauldron.png February
Lime Inflatable Chair Lime Inflatable Chair.gif March Given out as competition prize in some hotels, and sold in the catalogue
Purple Sleeping Bag Purple sleeping bag.gif April
Aqua Oriental Screen Aqua oriental screen.gif May
Blue Spaceship Door Blue spaceship door.gif May First released on
Turquoise Powered Fan Turqoise powered fan.gif May
Turquoise Laser Portal Turqoise laser portal.gif May Given out as a bonus item with a scratch card purchase on
White Icecream Machine White Ice Cream Machine.gif May Released in only as part of a campaign with an ice cream brand.
Industrial Turbine Anim ventilo.gif June
Standing Clock Romantique clock anim.gif June Rare from the Romantique furniture line. First released in Canada
Bamboo Forest BambooForest.png July
Purple Laser Portal Purple laser portal.gif July Given out as a "Credit Action" on
Rare Monster Plant Monster Plant.gif July
Jade Dragon Jade dragon.gif August
Choco Ice Cream Maker Choco ice cream maker.gif September Given out during competitions on various hotels. but also sold in the catalogue
Red Theatre Seat Hw chair.gif September
Habbowood Chair Bonus Directors chair.gif September
Green Cauldron Green Cauldron.gif October Habboween Rare
Jade Smoke Machine Jade smoke machine.gif October Randomly awarded during habboween on Habbo UK
Unholy Ground Unholy Ground.gif October
Blue Laser Portal Blue laser portal.gif November
Sky Spaceship Door Sky spaceship door.gif November First released on
Postbank Safe Postbank Safe.gif December Only
Stuffed Reindeer StuffedReindeer.png December Christmas 2007 Rare, but also given out in The Dodgy Christmas Workshop Competition competition during Christmas 2007
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