List of rares released in 2008

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This is a list of all rares released in 2008. Note that habbo paused the rare page between july and december to make room for the Collectibles see: Around the World

Name Image Release Date Information
Blue Oriental Screen Blue oriental screen.gif Unknown Only released in
Khaki Sleeping Bag Khaki sleeping bag.gif Unknown Given out during a PayDay+ promotion in 2008/2009
Blue Sleeping Bag Blue sleeping bag.gif Unknown
Executive Globe Exe globe.gif January Heroes And Villains Of Habbopolis Rare on and an Executive Rare on from the "Executive Challenge"
Fuchsia Ice Cream Maker Fuchsia ice cream maker.gif January Released as a competition prize
Orange Powered Fan Orange powered fan.gif January First released on
Doric Graphite Pillar Doric graphite pillar.gif February
Love Randomizer Love Randomizer.png February Habborella Rare
Jade Spaceship Door Jade spaceship door.gif March Sold in the catalogue on St. Patrick's Day
Blue Smoke Machine Blue smoke machine.gif April Released as a competition prize for Earth Day 2008
Doric Olive Green Pillar Doric Olive Green Pillar Cropped.png April
Shishi Odoishi ShishiOdishi.png May
ING Trophy Ing Trophy.gif June Released as part of the European Championships on only, has been changed to a Football Lamp
Blue Marquee Blue MarqueeCropped.png July Released as competition prize
Ads campguitar Ads campguitar.gif September Given out as a Camp Rock competition prize. Logo has been removed and changed into a normal Guitar poster at first. On the 7th August 2009, an addition was made to the item, in the form of a new frame with four characters within.
Blueberry Slurpee Machine Blueberry Slurpee Machine.gif November Part of a 7-Eleven Campaign on and
Violet Smoke Machine Violet smoke machine.gif November Given out to 12 winners of a Neon room building competition in
O.B Pillow Ob pillow.gif December Released as part of a campaign on only, Logo has been removed in 2009
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