Rare Arcade Cabinet

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Rare Arcade Cabinet
Release date April 2013
Category Limited Edition Rares

The Rare Arcade Cabinet was released on the 20th April 2013 and was available as a Limited Edition Rare. The cabinet was released whilst there was a campaign for Battle Banzai occurring on the Client and it was released with other rares although they were limited edition ones.

There were only 360 Rare Arcade Cabinets available with a 175 Credit price tag and they were all sold out within 2 minutes. After they sold out, some lucky users managed to gain profit for the rare whilst others settled for a loss - many thought they were ugly due to the appearance and because they were just a recolour of other Furni already available on the Client in the form of the arcade cabinets in red and yellow.

The cabinet was blue in colour and had a pattern on the side, putting many off buying, however, some bought just to hoard and bulk to gain profit in the future - it's unknown how much they're currently worth now. The rare follows on from the Easter campaign that saw the Easter Dino Egg released in the same way - another item that was cheaper than many other Limited Edition Rares, but gained a little profit too.

Originally, players thought the Rare Arcade Cabinet would arrive in the Catalogue under the Banzai Rares section, similar to the Rare Banzai Sphere, Rare Banzai Robo and Rare Bear Head, but this was not the case - players didn't anticipate the release of the machine as a Limited Edition Rare as they thought it would be another recoloured Ice Cream Maker to suit the Executive range called the Exclusive Ice Cream Maker, but this is currently still not released.

Speculation aroused whereby players thought that rares such as Ice Cream Makers, Pillows and Arcade Machines should be suited to a rare release without the Limited Edition tag, but instead available for a limited amount of time for a worthy cost, making them instantly rare, profitable and expensive.

The Rare Arcade Machine looks well in some sort of rooms, mainly game ones due to the appearance and genre they fit in, but also are usually found in casinos with their rarity.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated
1 Wings 30-Sep-2017
2 BQ 23-Oct-2017
3 BQ 29-June-2018
4 Pectize 12-Nov-2018
7 teddymeis 06-Dec-2018
9 lDan 7-Mar-2019
14 benjaminwoodiii 7-Mar-2019
16 JerryDe 31-Oct-2017
20 Cind3r 21-Sep-2017
22 MARUHA123 23-May-2017
23 Hardcore 7-Mar-2019
32 DanN191_Safety 23-May-2017
35  :Digi 7-Mar-2019
37 Gilbeartoe 7-Mar-2019
40 5parkling 23-May-2017
50 Flenoir 23-June-2018
52 DoubleOzBigEz 14-Feb-2018
57 chidiva 22-Jan-2018
59 Anywaysss 23-May-2017
61 Shmeby 23-May-2017
88 Aceter 12-July-2018
90 amro45 27-Jan-2019
101 DoubleOzBigEz 13-Jan-2019
102 mcr-emo-kid 7-Mar-2019
105 Giovanni:.: 14-Jan-2019
107 cherrymae74 21-Sep-2018
110 Hytran 7-Mar-2019
125 Tom.J 7-Mar-2019
131 MoHRooms 23-May-2017
134  ?....? 25-May-2017
138  ?....? 23-May-2017
148  ?....? 25-May-2017
150 Vune 7-Mar-2019
152 miszgia 05-Dec-2018
153  ?....? 23-May-2017
155 .:-Dgo-:. 7-Mar-2019
158  ?....? 23-May-2017
163  ?....? 23-May-2017
170 xxdaisymay123xx 07-Feb-2019
171 SWATStorage 08-Jan-2018
180 Guddah 23-May-2017
184 Sazzy168 21-Sep-2018
191 teddymeis 06-Dec-2018
204 X_PartyFavor_X 12-Oct-2018
208 L..Miirandax17 12-Oct-2018
211  ?....? 25-May-2017
212  ?....? 23-May-2017
223  ?....? 23-May-2017
224  ?....? 23-May-2017
242 Blinx 23-May-2017
244  ?....? 25-May-2017
248  ?....? 23-May-2017
260 MONEYMAGIC 17-Mar-2018
269 d-two 7-Mar-2019
292 VongolaPG2 02-Oct-2018
295 lDan 7-Mar-2019
303 McDonalds 23-May-2017
304 MissAlison. 24-Sep-2017
324  ?....? 23-May-2017
340 Protone 23-May-2017
343  ?....? 23-May-2017
359  ?....? 23-May-2017
Total 62/360

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