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This is a list of all Rares, Limited Edition Rares and Bonus Rares released in 2016. June 2016 was the first month where bonus rares changed into Bonus Bags which contains 6 colored items.


Name Image Release Date Information Badge
Snowboarding Ace Statue Winter15 snowboard.png January WF005.gif
Ice Hockey Pro Statue Winter15 icehockey.png January WF008.gif
Freeze Veteran Statue Winter15 freeze.png January WF007.gif
Pro Ice Skater Statue Winter15 iceskater.png January WF006.gif
Monkey Balloon Cny16 monkeyballoon.png February Chinese New Year rare CNY16.gif
Blossom Volcano BlossomVolcano.png February Valentines Day campaign Love at Carnivale Rare LOVC7.gif
Floral Lion FloralLion.png February Valentines Day campaign Love at Carnivale Rare LOVC9.gif
Lustrous Peacock LustrousPeacock.png February Valentines Day campaign Love at Carnivale Rare LOVC8.gif
Luminous Love Oyster LuminousLoveOyster.png February Valentines Day campaign Love at Carnivale Rare LOVC8.gif
Oversized Sunglasses Oversized Sunglasses.png March First rare clothing item. PAS31.gif
Spaceman Helmet Spaceman Helmet.png March PAS32.gif
Mermaid Hair Mermaid Hair.png March PAS33.gif
Noble Crown Noble Crown.png March PAS34.gif
Smuggler's Barrel Easter r16 crackable.png April ( Crackable) Contains either a: Fermenting Broth, Squid Invader, Looted Bullion, Cursed Fountain or Skeletal Raider x
Chromium Plate Armour Super r16 herodisplay.png May Superheroes campaign rare HSH19.gif
Heroic Helm Clothing r16 helmhero.png May Superheroes campaign rare HSH20.gif
Power Imbued Protector Clothing r16 helmprotect.png May Superheroes campaign rare HSH21.gif
Habbamantium Skeleton Super r16 adamskele.png May Superheroes campaign rare HSH22.gif
Betty the Sloth Betty the Sloth.png June Stranded Jungle campaign rare SJG00.gif
Jungle Pulley Jungle Pulley.png June Stranded Jungle campaign rare SJG02.gif|-
Pitcher Plant Pitcher Plant.png June Stranded Jungle campaign rare SJG03.gif
Log Raft Log Raft.png June Stranded Jungle campaign rare SJG04.gif
Deluxe Habbocopter Js r16 heli.png July HPB11.gif
Great White Shark Js r16 shark.png July When walking under it, it gives u the "Headless Habbo" Effect HPB12.gif
Jellyfish Lamp Js r16 jelly.png July HPB13.gif
High-Powered Speedboat Js r16 boat.png July HPB14.gif
Vegan Vending Machine VegetableVendor.png August HabboLympix rare HLY05.gif
Bonnie the Cheerleader BonnieAnim.gif August HabboLympix rare HLY06.gif
Gym Maniac Gymmaniac.gif August HabboLympix rare HLY08.gif
Brazilian Smoothy Maker Braziliansmoothy.png August HabboLympix rare HLY09.gif
Azure Chest Of Light HabboxAzureChest.gif September Gave 1 of 15 Azure colored rares x
Glowing Ghost Rare Glowing Ghost.png October Gave either a: Cyclops Eye, Cat Demon Face, Grim Reapers Chandelier, Grim Reapers Piano x
King Crab Tank Virus r16 crabtank.gif November NCR01.gif
Turtle Tank Virus r16 turttank.gif November NCR02.gif
Electric Eel Tank Virus r16 eeltank.gif November NCR03.gif
Piranha Tank Virus r16 piratank.gif November NCR04.gif
Anglerfish Tank Virus r16 angtank.gif November NCR05.gif
Tropical Fish Tank Virus r16 troptank.gif November NCR06.gif
Pufferfish Tank Virus r16 pufftank.gif November NCR07.gif
Crystal Tiara Crystal Tiara.png December X1605.gif
Wise Owl Xmas r16 owl.gif December X1606.gif
Rufus Rufus.png December X1607.gif
Citadel Throne Citadel Throne.png December X1608.gif
Golden Egg GoldenEgg.png December ( Crackable) Contains either a: Fur Ball, Mini, Smokey Chicken x
2017 Party Hat Gift Box 2017 Party Hat Gift Box.png December Contains 1 of 6 colored Party Hats x

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Release Date Information Badge
Verdant Habberge Egg Verdanthabbergeegg.gif March PAS27.gif
Efflorescent Habberge Egg Efflorescenthabbergeegg.gif March PAS28.gif
Dragon Habberge Egg Dragonhabbergeegg.gif March PAS29.gif
Burnished Habberge Egg Burnishedhabbergeegg.gif March PAS30.gif
Charlie Charlie.gif June Stranded Jungle campaign Limited Edition Rare SJG01.gif
Miss Olympus Miss Olympus.png August Habbolympix Limited Edition Rare HLY07.gif
The Wraith The Wraith.png October Ghost Hunter campaign Limited Edition Rare HGH18.gif
Benji Benji The Bear LTD.gif December X1609.gif

Bonus Rares

Name Image
Teal Bird of Paradise Teal Bird of Paradise.gif
Charcoal Vase Charcoal Vase.gif
Nickel Water Lily Pot Nickel Water Lily Pot.gif
Bonus Bag Bonus Bag 1 2016.png
Bonus Bag 2 Bonus Bag 2 2016.png
Bonus Bag 3 Bonus Bag 3 2016.png


Smuggler's Barrel

Fermenting Broth Squid Invader Looted Bullion Cursed Fountain Skeletal Raider
Easter r16 pot.png Easter r16 squid.png Easter r16 gold.png Gothic r16 fountain.png Easter r16 throne.png

Azure Chest of Light

Amber Lamp Dragon Lamp Elephant Fountain/Birdbath Icecream Machine Laser Portal Marquee Oriental Screen Parasol Pillar Pillow Powered Fan Sleeping Bag Smoke Machine Spaceship Door
AzureAL.gif AzureDL.png AzureE.png AzureF.gif AzureICM.gif AzureLP.gif AzureMQ.gif AzureOS.png AzureP.gif AzureDP.png AzureGP.png AzureFAN.gif x AzureSM.png AzureSD.gif

Glowing Ghost

Cyclops Eye Cat Demon Face Grim Reapers Chandelier Grim Reapers Piano
Cyclops Eye.gif Cat Demon Face.gif Grim Reapers Chandelier.png Grim Reapers Piano.png

Golden Egg

Fur Ball Mini Smokey Chicken
Xmas c16 creature1.png Xmas c16 creature4.png Xmas c16 creature7.png

2017 Party Hat Gift Box

Black Party Hat Blue Party Hat Gold Party Hat Pink Party Hat Purple Party Hat Turquoise Party Hat
Black Party Hat 2017.png Blue Party Hat 2017.png Gold Party Hat 2017.png Pink Party Hat 2017.png Purple Party Hat 2017.png Turquoise Party Hat 2017.png

Bonus Bags

Bonus Bag I

The first Bonus Bag ever was released in June 2016. When it was redeemed, Habbos would receive either 5 Credits, 3 days of Habbo Club or one of six Houseplants

Crimson Houseplant Emerald Houseplant Ochre Houseplant Pewter Houseplant Violet Houseplant Bonusrare16_5_5_name
Crimson Houseplant.png Emerald Houseplant.png Ochre Houseplant.png Pewter Houseplant.png Violet Houseplant.png Bonusrare16 5 5 name 2016.png

Bonus Bag 2

The second Bonus Bag was released in September 2016. When it was redeemed, Habbos would receive either 5 Credits, 3 days of Habbo Club or one of six bonsai plants

Chinese Banyan Bonsai Japanese Maple Bonsai Spruce Bonsai Japanese Boxthorn Bonsai bonusrare16_5_5 name bonusrare16_6_5 name
Chinese Banyan Bonsai.png Japanese Maple Bonsai.png Spruce Bonsai.png Japanese Boxthorn Bonsai.png Bonusrare16 5 5 name.png Bonusrare16 6 5 name.png

Bonus Bag 3

The last Bonus Bag of 2016 was released in December. When it was redeemed, Habbos would receive either 5 Credits, 3 days of Habbo Club or one of six aloe plants

Emerald Aloe Plant Blue Aloe Plant Purple Aloe Plant Pink Aloe Plant Red Aloe Plant Green Aloe Plant
Emerald Aloe Plant.gif Blue Aloe Plant.gif Purple Aloe Plant.gif Pink Aloe Plant.gif Red Aloe Plant.gif GreenAloePlant.png
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