List of rares released in 2006

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This is a list of all rares released in 2006

Name Image Release Date Information
Army Sleeping Bag Army sleeping bag.gif Unknown Super Rare; Given out as a competition price.
Purple Ice Cream Maker Purple Ice Cream Maker 2.png Unknown Super Rare; Given out as a competition price.
Purple Laser Portal Purple laser portal.gif Unknown Given out for as prize for the Donnie Santini: Space Explorer competition on before it's global release
Red Oriental Screen Red oriental screen.gif January First released in
Yellow Smoke Machine Yellow smoke machine.gif January A staff present given out on later first catalogue release in 2008 on
Doric Pink Marble Pillar Doric pink marble pillar.gif February
Green Oriental Screen Green oriental screen.gif February Handed out as a Leap day competition price on Habbo UK
Pink Giant Pillow Pink giant pillow.gif February Given out as a contest prize on
Pink Ice Cream Maker Pink ice cream maker.gif February
Snow Patch Snow patch.gif February
Superlove Pink Fan Superlove pink fan.gif February
A Snow Drift A snow drift.gif March
Blue Dragon Lamp Blue Dragon Lamp.png March
Blue Giant Pillow Blue giant pillow.gif March
Fucsia Powered Fan Fucsia powered fan.gif March
Aqua Ice Cream Maker Aqua ice cream maker.gif April First released on later in May on and in september on
Bonnie Blonde's Pillow Bonnie blonde's pillow.gif April
Green Marquee Green marquee.gif April
Majestic Marquee Majestic marquee.gif April First released in Habbo USA
Leap Day Pillar Leap day pillar.gif May First released on
Doric Terracotta Pillar Doric terracotta pillar.gif June
Golden Plasma Gate Golden plasma gate.gif June Given out during a "Scratch Card Action" campaign on Habbo Singapore
Green Powered Fan Green powered fan.gif July
Grey Asian Screen Grey asian screen.gif July
Blue Ice Cream Maker Blue ice cream maker.gif August Given out as a reward to regular visitors on Habbo Singapore
Aqua Smoke Machine Aqua smoke machine.gif September
Black Dragon Lamp Black dragon lamp.gif September
Moon Rug File:Moon patch.gif September First released on later in October on and later in November on Habbo Singapore and Finland
Yellow Sleeping Bag Yellow sleeping bag.gif September First released in later released in other hotels.
White Marquee White marquee.gif September First released on Habbo Singapore
Graphite Sleeping Bag Graphite sleeping bag.gif October
Blue Inflatable Chair Blue Inflatable Chair.gif November
Doric Rock Doric Rock Pillar 2.png November
Lime Sleeping Bag Lime sleeping bag.gif November Given out as competition price in Later released in other hotels.
Ocean Inflatable Chair Ocean Inflatable Chair.gif November
Red Laser Door Red laser door.gif November
Red Road Barrier Red Road Barrier.gif November
Red Smoke Machine Red smoke machine.gif December
Tropical Beach Rug Tropical beach rug.gif December
White Spaceship Door White spaceship door.gif December First released on
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