Mei Ling

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Mei Ling

Mei Ling is one of many fictitious characters that Sulake have created for the purpose of a quest. She was a very prominent character during the British Chinese New Year (CNY) campaigns, but originally appeared in Summer 2006. The various story lines related to Mei-Ling included searching for a temple of monks, participating in a "Dragon Race" and judging various temple-themed Habbo Rooms.

Mei Ling has been featured in three main quests - one during July 2006, one starting on 22nd January 2007 and a final one starting on 23rd January 2009. It is unsure why she wasn't featured during the CNY campaign during 2008, but the reason for her departure after 2009 is most likely due to the hotel merge in 2010 in which a lot of British Sulake Staff left their positions and thus the legacy of Mei Ling was a memory of the past.

Asian furniture was often released when Mei Ling made an appearance in the hotel and would be sold in the Catalogue as well as being awarded in a bundle to a handful of prize winners. One such example was during a poll in July 2006 in which five random winners obtained an "Asian Furni Prize Pack" alongside a Red Amber Lamp.

Although she is usually banned between events for protection, Mei Ling's page can be viewed at thus meaning she remains unbanned, further adding to the belief she won't be used for any more CNY campaigns.