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Bonnie Blonde is a fictional character on Habbo who was created prior to 2005, who was introduced as a character that would help users have fun around the Hotel. Although her appearance within the hotel is not a prominent as Frank, she has been featured in numerous articles, campaign events and competitions. As well as this, multiple furniture items have been released into the hotel themed around Bonnie.


The following furniture items have each been released into the hotel and either reference or resemble Bonnie.

Name Image Information
Bonnie Blonde Poster Gallery p2.gif Included as part of the Posters and Flags section in the catalogue
Bonnie Bonnie.png A Diamond Painting released in 2009
Bonnie Blonde's Pillow Bonnie blonde's pillow.gif Also known as the Purple Giant Pillow, released into the Hotel as a V7 Rare
Bonnie Blonde Cheerleader BonnieAnim.gif A rare that was released during the 2016 HabboLympix campaign
The Bonnie Blonde Mobile The Bonnie Blonde Mobile.png A rare item that was released during the Basement Band campaign
Bonnie Red Riding Hood Bonnie Red Riding Hood.png Part of the catalogue furniture release of the Fairytale Easter campaign
Bonnie's Ballroom Purse Clothing glitzypurse.png Clothing item released as part of the Habbo 20 campaign


Bonnie has been either mentioned or heavily featured in the following campaign events and competitions, view the main articles for more information.