Orange Inflatable Chair

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Orange Inflatable Chair
Orange Inflatable Chair.gif
Motto: Soft and tearproof!
Category V11 Rares

The Orange Inflatable Chair was released amongst other V11 Rares such as other Inflatable Chairs, Traffic Lights and One Way Gates. Unlike other coloured Inflatable like the lime and violet chair, the Orange Inflatable Chair wasn't originally released via the Catalogue but was spotted on the American Hotel before the merge as part of Credit Action in February 2007. All habbos who redeemed Prepaid Scratch Cards from GameStop and EB Games would get an exclusive Orange Inflatable Chair. There was no limit to how many cards a habbo could redeem, every card gave an Orange Inflatable Chair.

On the Dutch Hotel the Orange Inflatable Chair was released in a Kings Day (back then Queens Day) campaign along with orange colored Plasto, game furniture, some rugs and the dutch flag; And in the Thursday Flea Market Deal in 2010.

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