Yucca Plant

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Yucca Plant
Release date: 2000
Rare Values
Category: Plants

The Yucca Plant or Yucca for short is a 1-tiled high house plant that has been in Habbo since the beginning. The Yucca cost 3 Credits and can be found in the Vegetation section of the Catalogue under the Outdoor Furni tab. Yucca's were and still are very popular plants te make rooms with and especially for Stacking, mostly in combination with a Pineapple Plant or other types of furniture such as Corner Plinths or Dragon Lamps. Just like all other plants in the Vegetation section (with the exception of the base plants, and maze dividers and gates) the Yucca has only one view and cannot be rotated.

Around 2008 habbo released Deals that could be bought straight from the homepage instead from the Catalogue. The Yucca Plant was part of one of those deals called 'Sleep In Style' which could be bought for 10 Credits and also included three Pura furniture; Pura Shelves, Pura Lamp, and a white Single Bed.

It was the first highest house plant in the game, before the Giant Houseplant from the seventh generation Habbo Club gifts was released.


  • A small version of the Yucca Plant can be seen in one of the states of the Stacked Plants furniture from the Easter 2018 campaign Easter Garden, Although it has a blue pot instead of the grey one.