Sacred Fire

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Sacred Fire
Motto: 1/3 of the Totem - 4 of 6, April 2009
Release date: April 2009
Rare Values
Category: Collectibles
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Sacred Fire, formerly known as the Totem Leg was the fourth installment of The Lost World Collectibles range and was the first part of the Totem Pole. It was released across all hotels via the Catalogue in April 2009 for 25 Credits.

The Sacred Fire is the only Totem part that hasn't increased in value much. It's needed to help allocate effects such as levitating, fire, rain and The Totem Pole to players.

Similar to the Totem Spirit Head the Sacred Fire is unique in colour and appearance; it hasn't been released again likewise with most other Collectibles.