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"Decorate Room" is a room feature that was introduced into hotels during late 2011. Codes were first spotted relating to the feature on October 17th 2011, and the pilot release occurred a few days later (around the same time the :pickall command was partially


The main purpose of the feature is to stop a user "getting in the way" of Rollers or other items, whilst they are trying to stack. Once a user has selected the "Decorate Room" option from the userbar, their avatar will be "frozen" and will not be able to interfere with any furniture until decorating mode has been disabled. The alt key doesn't have to be held down to move furniture whilst using decorating mode either. The ability to drag the room is also disabled whilst in decorating mode.

A user must have rights in order to use decorating mode and this mode will be disabled if they leave the room/manually disable it via the userbar.