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Joined habbo: 08-Sep-2008
Originally from: (?)
HxF username: David
Known for: Former Graphics Designer
Also known as: Dave.
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Site Designer

David, also known as Dave. or Hulk, is known mostly for being former Habbox graphics staff. He joined Habbox in August 2010, later applying for the Graphics Department in 2011. After several spells with various managers, he resigned in 2012. Shortly before his resignation he applied for Manager of the department but was unsuccessful.

During his staff term, he was tasked with designing Version 7 of

In October 2015, David returned to the staff team after three years away, applying for Habbox Help Desk as well as accepting a trial offer to join the Content Department. Less than three weeks later, David was dismissed. He would later win an award at the Habbox Awards 2015 show for Shock Dismissal Of The Year.

Less than a month after his dismissal, David was appointed one of the first Habbox Site Designers alongside Kasabian, in a new department. The department was set up by the Site Manager, Tom, to aid in his ongoing development of an early version of Version Eight (which was never completed).

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Site Designer 18-Nov-2015 15-Aug-2016
Help Desk Staff 05-Oct-2015 19-Oct-2015
Content Designer 02-Oct-2015 19-Oct-2015
Graphics Designer 06-Jul-2011 06-Aug-2012

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Result
July 2011 Staff of the Month - Graphics Won
Aug 2011 Staff of the Month - Graphics Won
Apr 2012 Member of the Month - Graphics Won
May 2012 Staff of the Month - Graphics Won
Aug 2012 Member of the Month - Graphics Won
Oct 2012 Member of the Month - General Won
Jan 2013 Graphic Designer of the Year Nominated
Apr 2013 Member of the Month - Graphics Won
May 2014 Member of the Month - Graphics Won
Aug 2015 Luckiest Player (HxSS) Nominated
Aug 2015 Unluckiest Player (HxSS) Won
Aug 2015 Events Player of the Month Won
Sept 2015 Habbox Wiki Top Contributor Won
Nov 2015 Member of the Month - Graphics Won
Jan 2016 Moaner of the Year Nominated
Jan 2016 Biggest Habbox Drama (Dismissal) Nominated
Jan 2016 Biggest Shock Dismissal Won
Jan 2016 Biggest Troll Won

Forum Awards

Award Date Issued
Debates Top Contributor 11-July-2011
Habbox Christmas 2011 02-Feb-2012
Limited Edition Donator (Birthday) 23-June-2012
Member of the Month 10-July-2012
Forum Updates Award 03-Sep-2012
Happy New Year (2014) 02-Jan-2014
Habbox Alteration Archive 30-Apr-2014
Monthly Graphics Competition Winner 22-May-2014
HabboxForum's 10th Birthday Winner 11-Sep-2014
HabboxForum's 10th Birthday Participant 11-Sep-2014
5000 Posts 02-Feb-2015
5 Year Milestone 20-Aug-2015
Habbox Wiki Top Contributor 03-Oct-2015
Player of the Month 03-Oct-2015
The Habbox Ouija 2015 02-Nov-2015
Iconic Design Participant 01-Dec-2015
Happy New Year (2016) 01-Jan-2016
Habbox Christmas 2015 01-Jan-2016
2015 Habbox Award Winner 18-Apr-2016
Easter Eggstravaganza 2016 Winner 18-Apr-2016
Getcha Alt On! 06-June-2016