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Stacking is well known method within Habbo. Habbo's stack furniture on top of eachother to give their rooms a better look. Most furniture like tables or some corners doesn't really require a stacking method because you can simply place a furni on top of it. Although for plants, sofas, bars etc. you have to use a stacking method.

In earlier years, habbo's used Rollers to stack furniture on top of eachother. But since the introduction of the Magic Stack Tile, this method has become practically useless.

Roller Stacking

Stacking with rollers is the very first and oldest method players ever used to stack furni on top or in eachother. The higher a player wants to build the more rollers there has to be in the room. The amount of rollers equals the furniture you want to stack For example: if you want to place 2 furniture on top of eachother, u need to have 2 rollers in the room, to place 3 furniture on top of eachother u need 3 rollers in the room etc.. With a maximum of 35 Rollers in your room.


Magic Stack Tile

The Magic Stack Tile is a furniture to help a habbo with stacking. There are 3 stacker tiles available:

1x1 Magic Stack Tile 1x2 Magic Stack Tile 2x2 Magic Stack Tile
Stacker1x1.png Stacker1x2.png Stacker2x2.png

If a player double clicks on the stacker tile a small tab will open with a slider, input box, Place on top button and a Place at floor level button. Players can manually control the slider or put a number in the input box, with the height restriction of 40. StackerTileTab.png

If a player place a Magic Stack Tile on a furni it will sometimes automatically take the height of the furni, or it will simply just go to floor level.

Known Furniture Heights

Here is a list of known furniture heights. Players can simply put in this number in the input box to place another furniture on top.

Name Height Image
(Lodge) Room Divider 1.2 Lodge room divider.png
(Lodge) Corner Plinth 1.3 Lodge corner plinth.png


  • Casinos are widely known for having stacked furniture.
  • Boosting Rooms are, just like Casinos, widely known for having stacked furniture.