American Idol Trax Machine

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American Idol Trax Machine
American Idol Trax Machine.png

The American Idol Trax Machine is a furniture item that was uploaded alongside various other Trax Machines. It is one of the rarest Trax Machines available on (International) and was sold soley on (USA) during an American Idol campaign in 2009. It was one of the first items of American Idol furniture items to be released (on 30th January 2009) alongside the Star Teleport and the Microphone. Originally the item was tradeable and worth a considerable amount of Credits until it was made untradeable in mid-April 2011, around the same time the American Idol Jukebox was also made untradeable.

The main function of Trax Machines was; to allow users to play collections of songs from the different Trax Discs which could be put in the machine - e.g. Habbo Sounds. This items motto is "Everything sounds sweeter with this custom American Idol Trax Machine!".


The American Idol Trax Machine has been spotted and released on only one hotel Here is a complete list of release information:

  • - Sold in the catalogue from 30th January 2009 - 17th July 2009.
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