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The Floor Plan Editor

The Floor Plan Editor is a feature for members of Builders Club. It allows players to redesign the layout of their room by adding or removing tiles to make a custom room plan by using the :floor command or simply going to Room Settings and then Open Floor Plan Editor.

Before the editor was released the only way to have a custom room was using a Black Hole. The Floor Plan Editor made using Black Holes obsolete as it includes more customisation and until October 2020 Habbos could still use their customised room even when their Builders Club subscription had run out. However in October 2020 the feature to keep your room without continuing the subscription was removed, and the room will now be locked the same way that it would be locked for other users if there is Builders Club furni in a room without an active subscription.


Draw Mode

Image Information
AddTiles.png Lets you add tiles in the black square. The color you select determines the height of the tiles.
RemoveTiles.png Lets you remove tiles from the black square. This only works on empty tiles without furniture on it.
TileHigher.png Clicking on a tile with this one selected lets you raise a tile.
TileLower.png Clicking on a tile with this one selected lets you lower a tile.
Door.png Lets you place the entrance where Habbo's start in the room. You can change the direction of how players enter by clicking the arrows in 'Enter Direction'

Draw Height

Image Information
Drawheight.png Selecting one of these colors lets you place tiles on certain heights, with dark blue being the lowest and dark purple the heighest.

The black square 'The Editor'

Image Information
Blacksquare.png This is where you have to place the tiles by clicking in it. The maximum that can be placed is 1024 tiles. (32x32)

Revert Changes

Clicking on the Revert Changes button undoes everything you just did. Note: this won't work if you've already saved the room.

Enter Direction

Image Information
Directions.gif Lets you let you determine the entrance direction.

Look and Feel

In the Look and Feel option you can determine the walls and floors. click on the 'Normal wall' or 'Normal Floor' to open a small menu. You can choose from 4 wall and floor styles. To edit the wall height simply enable it by clicking the small white square next to wall height. Now you can use the slider next to it. The slider goes from 1 to 16


Thinnest Walls Thin Walls Normal Walls Thick Walls
Thinnestwalls.png Thinwalls.png Normalwalls.png Thinkwalls.png


Thinnest Floors Thin Floors Normal Floors Thick Floors
Thinnestfloors.png Thinfloors.png Normalfloor.png Thickfloors.png

The white square 'The Preview'

Image Information
Whitesquare.png This window gives you a sneak preview of what you're doing, placing tiles of certain heights will review a 'stairs' in this window.


Image Information
Importexport.png Clicking on the button Import/Export opens this window, here you can copy or paste the room layout. If you keep this window open en go to another room and click on 'Revert to last entered map' the layout numbers will change to the room you're currently in, this helps you copy another players room layout or a public one.

Floor Plan Validation Failed

It's possible to get a Floor Plan Validation Failed (General): Entry Not On Tile warning when you build a custom room with the door somewhere else This is because the door is placed on a tile that wasn't there before. To fix this error close the Floor Plan Editor, open it back up, place the tile you want the door on but don't place the door yet, and save it. Now you can place the door on the tile. Source